Android Central 142: Speaking as a fisherman ...

Thing 1: The new Google Maps is here (sort of)

  • New Google Maps app starting to seed on Google Play
  • New Google Maps updated with offline maps button
  • Google Maps gains swipe-to-access gestures in latest update
  • Google confirms Latitude being retired from August 9

Thing 2: U.S. carrier news the rest of the world doesn't care about

  • T-Mobile announces 'JUMP!' upgrade plan, new LTE markets and devices
  • Editorial: T-Mobile's new JUMP! upgrade policy is leapfrogging the competition

Thing 3: Other stuff

  • Eric Schmidt with a Moto X
  • Verizon roadmap shows potential launch dates for HTC One, Moto X
  • Google+ update lets friends see your +1's, here's how to hide your +1 history
  • NSA contributes to Android, but there is no secret backdoor
  • Google confirms fix for 'master key' vulnerability released to OEMs
  • CyanogenMod 10.1.1 released, patches several known security exploits
  • Review: Samsung Galaxy S4 Active for AT&T
Phil Nickinson
  • Loving the title :)
  • "how good we look using phones in pools with bikinis.". Nope. Don't want to see what you four look like using phones with your bikinis.
  • Yaaaay it's on Hangouts again :-D thanks guys
  • Audio only sounded just fine to me. Posted via Android Central App