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Plume for Twitter updated with expandable Jelly Bean notifications

One of the leading Twitter clients on Android, Plume, has updated into the Jelly Bean era with expandable notifications. New in Android 4.1 is the ability for app developers to make dynamic notifications that can show more information when swiped down to expand. Plume takes advantage of this by giving you reply and retweet options right from the notification when expanded, also showing the number of tweets/mentions/messages you have. Even though Jelly Bean is only running on about 1.8 percent of devices, this is the kind of thing we hoped to start seeing from the big app developers at this point. It's good to see Plume taking the lead, and with quick updates like this you can see why it's one of the more popular Twitter clients out there. Also with this update, Plume has added the ability to view pictures full screen and fixes for draft, tweetmarker and facebook.

Plume is the go-to client for many of us, and definitely worth a look. It's free in the Google Play Store at the link above, with a premium version to remove ads at just $4.99. We've got a couple shots of the new notifications after the break.

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • Yes no more small pics from I like girls daily full size *****
  • ^^^ hehe true that!
  • yeahhh buddy
  • And they still can't fix the Mentions counter bug...
  • 4.99? Did the price go up? I don't remember paying that much a coupe years ago. Plume has definitely been my twitter app of choice, but the one 'feature' I think would make it perfect is push notifications. Right now I only have two choices, and those are either vigorously check the app or continue to get spammed my email. I know they've been working on it in beta, but if they can get this Jelly Bean feature running, then let's get the whole picture completed.
  • It's $4.99 now, and I think it has been for a while. I've had it purchased for a few months now and it was $4.99 when I bought it.
  • Price definitely went up from the time I first purchased, but then again that was 2 years ago.
  • Hey Phil where's carbon for android? Another month and no show
  • ^ This... I have been checking twitter and Android Central every day for months waiting for an announcement for Carbon Android. Weeks ago they tweeted that it will be a matter of "dayz" when he really meant "weekz" or even a month. I am seriously getting anxious for any news at all.
  • More apps need to take advantage of this faster... I expected Facebook to already have this.
  • I guess I don't understand push notifications, but I'm getting notice in my bar every time new tweets come in depending on which ones I want to be notified of. They've had that for a long time now. So, if that's not it, can someone explain what push notifications are then for Plume? Or any other app for that matter. I must be under the wrong impression.