Turn your Android into a thermal camera with this incredible Black Friday bargain

Topdon TC001
(Image credit: Topdon)

Thermal cameras are crucial tools in all kinds of environments: in car mechanics, in HVAC installation and testing, in home inspections, in home electrics and even in farming. But they're also quite expensive and bulky tools – or at least, they were until now. The TC001 Thermal Infrared Camera turns your Android phone or tablet into an industrial-grade scanner for a fraction of what you'd usually expect to pay, and right now it's even better value thanks to a brilliant Black Friday deal. 

Easy imaging

With the TC001 there's no cable clutter and no complicated configurations. Simply snap the TC001 into place – it fits perfectly with your device's USB-C port – and install the app and you've got a seriously powerful thermal imager right there in your hand. From DIY to site inspections, the TC001 delivers the power and accuracy you need for every kind of application.

See what your eyes can't

The TC001 can produce thermal images with unmatched clarity thanks to its high resolution 256x192 camera, which delivers significantly better and more detailed images than many more expensive rivals. That makes it particularly useful for jobs where surface temperatures can otherwise be hard to distinguish, for example in circuit boards and other electronics. 

Incredibly portable. Amazingly accurate

The TC001 was designed with mobility in mind. It uses just 0.35W of power so you can expect many hours of scanning without having to recharge your phone, and it weighs just 30g. That light weight and its compact dimensions – 71 x 42 x 14mm – means it's a genuine grab-and-go tool. 

Don't let its small size fool you, though: when it comes to performance, the TC001 is no lightweight. With a wide temperature range of -4℉ to 1022℉(-20℃ to 550℃) , the camera can perform temperature readings for all kinds of objects within ±3.6ºF (2ºC) or 2% of max temperature. And it can also display surface temperature variations as little as 0.1ºC, allowing you to detect and measure temperature with extreme precision. That means you can rely on your TC001 to deliver reliable results every time in all conditions and environments.

Everything you need in one app

The TC001's companion app contains everything you need to control, view and track your thermal data. You can view real-time data as well as historical graphs, and you can set your own temperature ranges to instantly see whether the item you're inspecting is within required levels. The use of waveform graphs and custom colors makes it easy to see exactly what's important in a way that suits your particular preferences. 

The app also features some very powerful image enchantment tools to adjust sharpness, picture detail, contrast and more to ensure that you get the crispest, clearest thermal images in any environment and that target recognition is instant and effortless.

A hot product for a cool price

The Topdon TC001 Thermal Infrared Camera was already keenly priced at just $299, but right now it's even better value thanks to a Black Friday deal: if you buy yours between the 20th and 27th of November you can get it for just $219. That's an incredible deal for an incredible device.

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