Pastry Paradise rolls out some puzzle fun on Android

Gameloft has released a new puzzle game for Windows Phone, iOS and Android. Titled Pastry Paradise, the game tasks players with matching three (or more) tasty items on a board to clear them and earn points. However, there are a few differences between Pastry Paradise and other titles in the genre. The use of diagonal swipes, cakes and other lovely treats, as well as boosters and bake-offs help keep players entertained.

Pastry Paradise takes young finger bakers across "delectable" maps, including the Gingerbread Gardens, Wafer Woods, and Mt. Mudcake. Freezing time itself, whisking the board and other powers are at hand just in case one gets stuck with difficult moves. If your appetite hasn't been satisfied after a quick game, there are always baking challenges and customers to bake for. Check it out on the store and let us know what you think.

Rich Edmonds