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Ouya turns to Xiaomi for expansion into Asia

Ouya may be taking its games to China if a deal with Xiaomi could be made. The two companies are said to be in talks ironing out the details where Xiaomi would make Ouya's gaming service available on its set-top boxes and smart TVs.

A report on Reuters says that the details are "still getting hashed out" but likely Ouya will get its own dedicated channel on Xiaomi's hardware.

Ouya Chief Executive Julie Uhrman said details are still getting hashed out but it's likely Ouya will get a dedicated channel on Xiaomi software installed on those devices, on which gamers can shop for and download a selection of its independently developed games later this year, Uhrman said.

If the collaboration is successful, both companies will be sharing revenue.

A partnership with Xiaomi could give Ouya momentum as it eyes an expansion into Asia; Xiaomi quickly rose in a few years to beat Apple and Samsung in market share in China.

Xiaomi will face some competition from Google and its hardware partners once Android TV becomes more available.

Source: Reuters

  • Translation; " we have a crapload of these we need to unload somewhere since it was an utter failure in North America"
  • A crapload of software? You should realize that the OUYA hardware is in no way a part of this deal.
  • Bam.
  • That thing still lives??!!
  • I was so excited when I backed Ouya. I was equally excited to hawk it on eBay for full purchase price.
  • You weren't the only one who was excited back then hell I almost got one but Tegra 3 pfffh Posted via Nexus 7 2013 or Galaxy S5
  • Sorry. But Android TV and NVIDIA pretty much graded Ouya into nothing in the western market. Looks like they have to look into Asia to survive. Posted via Android Central App
  • Kill it! Don't let it breed anymore Posted via Nexus 7 2013 or Galaxy S5
  • Ouya on its current config or spec is not worth buying.. Maybe if it atleast have Tegra 4. Or maybe K1 in up coming model. Then i would think of it. My Nexus 7 2012 is just sitting since 5 6 months. So that's what it is going to be. Posted via the Android Central App