ooVoo handles six-way video calling on your Android device

It seems every day a new video chat app is popping up, and now another has arrived. This one, put out by ooVoo (they're no spring chicken), lays claim to having the ability to handle six-way video calling. Although I'm skeptical of how well that will work, the download is available now on their website. At the moment, the application is locked down to just HTC Evo 4G and Samsung Epic 4G phones (spot the similarity!), but it also allows for free ooVoo-to-ooVoo calls and touts text chat and contact list integration as well.

For now, the application is free but the desktop versions do charge for anything more than a two-way call, ooVoo uses that as their premium service offerings so the possibility of future charges for the mobile version is indeed there. If you're wanting to give it a go, you can head on over to the ooVoo mobile site to download. [ooVoo via Mashable]

  • What if I don't have 6 frandz :(
  • You only need 5 Obi, you count as the sixth.. :P
  • Been waiting for this update :-)
  • how do I get this I went to the site but I dont understand how to download it NVM MARKET
  • Went there on my evo but it told me it wasn't available on my device. This may have something to do with me running miui.
  • MyTouch 4G please!!!
  • Earlier weren't to site said want available for my phone. Went to the market now and its there. Epic.
  • tried it... video quality was pretty poor... even on wifi...
  • Agreed, video quality was horrible for me. No improvement on Wifi either, and that was with a 15Mbs connection. Making voice call over Wifi is nice, as long as ur friends have Evo's and Epics, lol.
  • Yeah. The worst VC Client I've tried. Unusable.
  • Can it do phone to computer video chat?
  • I've had no luck getting video chat to work from my EVO to a iMac.
  • it does work for mobile to pc u jus have to upgrade tha pc version to 3.0 beta i tried it its cool evo 4g FTW!!!!!!!
  • Woow I'm impress, that's the best quality i've seen yet I have fring, tango, yahoo, qik n this one so far was awsome, especially audio keep the goodies coming to my Evo
  • I agree! The quality I got was incredible. Over 3g I might add. Video was clear and audio was near phone call quality. I used my Evo to my wifes Epic and it blows Tango,Fring and QIK away. Of course until GOOGLE VIDEO CHAT is released. Come on Google get with it!
  • Not available for my device? I have an EVO.
  • Hey DOUGEETX, If you go into the Marketplace and search for OOVOO you will find it there. For some reason on their actual website the Evo nor the Epic are listed. Hope that helps.