OnePlus 2 back

OnePlus has identified four objects as being especially slippery — cups, sneakers, soap, and the iPhone 6s — and the vendor has come up with a novel solution to fix the problem. It involves covering the aforementioned devices with the sandstone finish found on the back of the OnePlus One and OnePlus 2:

  • The Sandstone Cup, for when you want some extra grippy security for liquids around your computer but also a way to exfoliate your lips sometimes.
  • The Sandstone Sneakers, for when you would rather your pumped up kicks stay on the ground when attempting a roundhouse kick.
  • The Sandstone Soap, because ain't nobody got time to mess around with that slippery stuff but it also gives you hands as smooth as baby sea lion.
  • And the Sandstone iPhone Case, because you know why.

And yes, OnePlus sells an actual sandstone case for the iPhone 6s.

#GetSandstoned at OnePlus