OnePlus has unveiled the new team behind its upcoming OxygenOS ROM for the OnePlus One. The announcement post also dealt with a handful of frequently asked questions, including why they're creating the ROM, who's in this new dream team and when will consumers be able to get their dirty paws on the download.

First thing's first: when will you be able to download OxygenOS? Soon. The team has moved forward with a stable build, which is currently in testing.

There are various certifications that must be completed before releasing a Lollipop-based ROM, and this takes some time. Because this is our first major software release, we have to ensure that everything is solid and stable before making it available for download. We wouldn't ask you to settle for anything less, and we appreciate your patience.

Speaking of testing, OnePlus wants to include its community into the development process. The team behind the ROM will take onboard suggestions and feedback from users to help shape the future of the ROM.

OnePlus OxygenOS

Making up the team is Head of Mobile Product Helen, who previously worked at Microsoft as an engineer and program manager; Aaron, the Android Technical Lead, co-founded Paranoid Android; and Arz, the UI/UX Designer who also works on Paranoid Android. The names of other team members who work on software development can be found on the official blog post.

The highlight from the read is the fact OxygenOS will be clear of bloatware (or any unwanted apps and services). It appears they're planning to take the ROM name seriously and work hard to get the most out of battery life. Visit the OnePlus blog for the full read. Will you be checking out OxygenOS when it launches?

Source: OnePlus

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