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Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath makes its odd way to Android

Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath, the acclaimed action-adventure game from developer Oddworld Inhabitants, is now available for Android device owners, via the Google Play Store, for $5.99. The game was released for iOS devices in late November.

Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath was first released for the original Xbox console in 2005, and was the last game in the series from Oddworld Inhabitants. Developer Just Add Water created a graphically revamped version of Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath that was first released for the PC in 2010 and was later launched for the PlayStation 3 and the PS Vita consoles.

The game itself is a great mix of fantasy and Wild West themes as you control The Stranger, who tries to capture outlaws and collect bounties. Here's a quick rundown of the features:

  • Fully configurable touch-screen controls let you move & re-size individual buttons to suit your play style
  • Scalable virtual joystick for fine tuning sensitivity of movement
  • Explore living towns, lush forests, and massive industrial facilities
  • Seamlessly transition between first-person shooter and third-person platfomer
  • Scour your surroundings for live ammo
  • Work with a range of strategies to surprise, stun, lure, blast and bag devious outlaws
  • Meet incredibly odd, funny and smack-talking townsfolk, enemies and natives
  • Fight dozens of varied bosses with outlandish arsenals and outrageous names
  • Complete "twin-stick" HID gamepad support, including specific control setups for Shield, Moga, XBOX 360, PS3/PS4, and many more
  • Intuitive touch controls + a redesigned mobile interface make playing & navigating a breeze
  • Incredible visuals that harness all the advanced graphics capabilities of today's mobile chipsets
  • A hilarious script, theatrical soundtrack and compelling storyline with a shocking twist
  • English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Finish, Swedish, and Polish language support
  • Leaderboards, Achievements and Cloud Save
  • Money well spent. I'm the kind of guy that stops a microwave at 1 second to feel like a bomb defuser.
  • Support for Android TV/Nexus player? At work, so can't verify from here (Play Store is blocked).
  • Looks like it is.
  • I'll verify when I get home, and if so, it's bought. Developers who put this kind of effort forth deserve to be paid. I just got my Nexus Player and currently have 3 paid games (Soul Calibur, FF3 (previously purchased), and Beach Buggy Racing Premium). Android users really need to get behind quality paid titles to combat two things; the "freemium" model, and developers choosing iOS over Android. I'm hoping that Android TV adoption over the next year also encourages higher quality games with a console-like feel.
  • I can't agree with this more! People (at least me) would gladly pay $5 for a good quality game rather than get nicked and dimed on a "freemium" game....and plus, who doesn't like Abe?!? Support your local bands/microbrews/developers! Posted via the Android Central App
  • So, is this a direct port over from the OG Xbox then, or are there new levels? (I didn't see any new gameplay scenes in the trailer, but it has been a while too.) Loved that game!
  • I'm so happy it supports gamepads. Posted from my Motorola Moto G
  • Yes please and thanks. I can never get enough Oddworld
  • Link no longer works. Was it removed from the play store?