Oculus released a software update to its Oculus Rift virtual reality headset this week that blocks the use of Revive, a third-party app that allowed for the porting of exclusive Rift VR titles to the rival HTC Vive headset.

HTC Vive

The third-party app was launched in April. After its release, one of Revive's developers "CrossVR", posted on Reddit that the software update for the Rift that was released on Friday now includes a new check to see if the headset is connected to the Oculus Platform DRM. That addition means the Revive app will no longer work.

It's currently unknown if the Revive developers will try to release an update to work around this new Rift addition.

Update: The developers of Revive have now released a new update that offers a partial workaround for the Rift DRM for Unreal engine games only.