It's the big thing from CES 2013 so far, and what everyone is talking about. Imagine a 7-inch LCD (that's "retina spec" for what that is worth) and a nicely built game pad linked together into a futuristic looking clamshell case. That would be NVIDIA's Project Shield.

Android Central @ CES

Running Android Jelly Bean, and paired with the all new Tegra 4 processor, this thing was built to do one thing really well -- play games. Because it's Android -- stock Android -- it will run just about every app from Google Play, but Project Shield has another secret weapon. Using a new streaming gaming service, it can play games on your computer (with a compliant NVIDIA GeForce GPU) streamed to any screen that has an HDMI input. 

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There's also a switch to shut all this off, and have it act just like any other 7-inch Android tablet, as it has a multi touch capable display. Mix all this together and you have one of the most unique convergent devices we've ever seen. This is one to keep your eyes on, folks!