NVIDIA's Project Shield

It's the big thing from CES 2013 so far, and what everyone is talking about. Imagine a 7-inch LCD (that's "retina spec" for what that is worth) and a nicely built game pad linked together into a futuristic looking clamshell case. That would be NVIDIA's Project Shield.

Android Central @ CES

Running Android Jelly Bean, and paired with the all new Tegra 4 processor, this thing was built to do one thing really well -- play games. Because it's Android -- stock Android -- it will run just about every app from Google Play, but Project Shield has another secret weapon. Using a new streaming gaming service, it can play games on your computer (with a compliant NVIDIA GeForce GPU) streamed to any screen that has an HDMI input. 

There's also a switch to shut all this off, and have it act just like any other 7-inch Android tablet, as it has a multi touch capable display. Mix all this together and you have one of the most unique convergent devices we've ever seen. This is one to keep your eyes on, folks!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • Isn't it a 5 inch screen? Article says 7 inches.
  • Its shocking to me how many Android game consoles are coming out (Ouya, Gamestick, Shield) when there isn't a good enough game library to support them yet. (I played GTA 3 and Vice City years ago and have no interest in playing them again). Are people just going to buy them and hope that the developer support follows? Are they just buying them to play emulated classic games on? Or maybe hardware makers are just slapping Android on anything because it's free and better than anything they can develop internally.
  • A little bit of it all. Better games will come out, people will buy the consoles, and yes, OEMs are putting them on because it's free software. The commitment is not as great as say, putting WP8 on a device.
  • I love there's an actual controller. Virtual joysticks aren't my cup of tea.
  • I thought it was a 5 inch display ??
  • Yes, it's a 5 inch display, not 7 inches.