HTC ThunderBolt extended battery cases

Finally! A number of Extended Battery fit cases for the HTC Thunderbolt have at long last been released and are now available in the Android Central Store.

Starting at the top end, the Seidio ACTIVE Extended Battery Case for HTC Thunderbolt (fits 2750mAh and 3200mAh batteries) follows the company's strong foray in elegant, practical and robust Android cases for extended batteries.

The Seidio ACTIVE Extended Battery Case has two sandwiched layers. The first is a solid rubber coated exterior skeleton for your HTC Thunderbolt, and the second a shock absorbing polymer that ensures maximum protection in case of accidental drops.

This is a highly recommended case for all HTC Thunderbolt owners with an Extended Battery, so get yours now while supplies last!

The second solution is the Seidio SURFACE Extended Battery Case for HTC Thunderbolt - a slim, lightweight and hard polycarbonate snap-on shell that provides you with a very comfortable grip thanks to its rubberized coating and good scratch and bump protection for everyday use.

The construction of the Seidio SURFACE Extended Battery Case makes it an ideal solution if you  like to quickly snap-on/off this case from your phone. More important, this case is also custom designed to fit the always excellent Seidio SURFACE Extended Holster.

Both the SURFACE case alone or the combination of the case and holster are highly recommended for all HTC Thunderbolt road warriors. (Sponsored post)

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