After announcing the 64-bit Nokia N1 tablet yesterday, the Finnish manufacturer is now showcasing the features of the device. One of the standout inclusions is the Z Launcher (now publicly available), which "allows you to have the right content at the right time," according to product manager Tuukka Järvenpää. A nifty utility in Z Launcher is the ability to look for content by scribbling a letter on-screen. Looking for Facebook? Just scribble an "F" on-screen and the launcher will pull up all apps that start with the corresponding letter.

Nokia's head of design Axel Meyer also shared a few insights on the overall design of the tablet and how it came together, stating that "not so many products are so well made."

The Nokia N1 is scheduled to make its debut in China for the Chinese New Year, which falls on February 19, 2015, followed by an eventual release in Russia and Europe. The manufacturing and sales of the device will be handled by Foxconn, which also makes iPhones and Xbox consoles among other things.

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