Is Oculus banning people from the Oculus Quest for pirating?

Oculus Quest
Oculus Quest (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Several posts in which users claimed to be banned from their Oculus Quest have been removed.
  • Redditors have come forward claiming fake posts were part of a tactic.
  • Pirating is against the terms of service, but these particular posts were fake.

Late last week, multiple posts appeared on the Oculus Quest subreddit claiming that Oculus had banned accounts in response to users pirating content. These posts have since been removed, and users have come forward stating the posts were fake and part of a tactic. Reddit user "nousernamelad" claims to be part of the group behind the fake posts and explains their motivations in the comment thread of the post calling out the fake posts:


In short, the motivations seem to have been to scare people away from sharing pirated content online so that the pirating group could continue to pirate content themselves. The goal is to scare people away from pirating content and sharing pirating information on sites such as Reddit and Facebook so that Oculus wouldn't do anything to stop pirating. This would result in the pirating group being able to continue pirating in their closed group.

The posts in which users claimed to be banned have since been removed, but you can see them on Removeddit. The posts claimed a variety of reasons for bans including being banned for installing custom Beat Saber songs.

As with most subreddit drama, sorting through the truth requires a discerning eye, context, and even then needs to be taken with a grain of salt. It does seem that this was part of a stunt as the original posts have been removed and people have come forward claiming to be part of the group, but there could be more details that have not been revealed.

Additionally, pirating content is against the Oculus Quest terms of service and could result in action against accounts. These particular posts were fake and used as a tactic, but Oculus could perform actions against accounts caught pirating content. An official Oculus Support account posted on the Oculus Quest subreddit about pirating.

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