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After an error-filled and frustrating online experience a few weeks ago, OnePlus will once again allow anyone to pre-order their OnePlus One smartphone on November 17. As they did last time, the pre-orders will only be open for a one-hour period that will begin at 11 am Eastern time (8 am Pacific and 4 pm GMT).

Interested buyers can go ahead and enter their pre-order, along with billing and shipping information, on the OnePlus One site ahead of November 17. Assuming the company's servers can take the surge in traffic better than the last time they attempted this event, customers will simply have to click on one button to send in their pre-order during the one hour period. OnePlus One says:

If we have the items in stock, we'll ship immediately. If we don't, your order will automatically convert to a pre-order. What is a pre-order, exactly? During the ordering process, you'll receive an estimated shipping time. When you complete your order, we'll reserve the payment, but you won't actually be charged until your order ships. So, if you change your mind, you can forfeit your spot in line and cancel your order at any time before it ships. If you get ahold of an invite at any time during this process, you can use it to upgrade your pre-order and receive immediate shipping.

Will you try to order the OnePlus One on November 17?

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