Seidio HTC ThunderBolt charging cradle

Great news! It appears that after a long wait HTC ThunderBolt owners are finally getting the attention they deserve from accessories manufacturers.

In this instance we have Seidio once again providing us with a terrific and much needed custom designed HTC ThunderBolt Desktop Charging Cradle.

This cradle will prove particularly appealing to HTC ThunderBolt Extended Battery owners because it has been specifically designed to accommodate these with their large bulging backs.

Additionally, we love the fact that the Seidio Desktop Charging Cradle for HTC ThunderBolt allows you to quickly and conveniently slide your phone to sync (when connected to your PC via included micro-USB cable) and charge (when connected to your PC or a separate (not included) USB wall charger).

The excellent new Seidio ACTIVE Extended Battery Case and Seidio SURFACE Extended Battery Case are also fully supported by this cradle thanks to an included removable insert.

Overall there is no doubt that the Seidio Desktop Charging Cradle for HTC ThunderBolt is a rather great looking and extremely useful desktop/nightstand charging solution that we can highly recommend for all HTC ThunderBolt owners. Get yours while supplies last! (Sponsored post)