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Monday Fun: Eric Schmidt Back in 1986

We've got a little bit of Monday fun for you guys. Here's a video of Eric Schmidt, Google CEO, way back in 1986. He's being interviewed because of a prank his workers pulled on him and it's just amazing to see young Schmitty in action. Aside from the general awesomeness of bulletproof glasses, wicked hairstyles, and a VW Bug, you can find glimpses of the Eric Schmidt we know today in the video--emphasizing his words with knowing glances, for example--but he spoke much faster and just seemed so, excited. fresh. enthused. Ah, it's good to be young.

hit the jump to see the video of Eric Schmidt, CEO of the Google, after the break!

[via techcrunch]

  • "WOW....are you wearing a bra!?"
  • Well, we now know where the goggles from google goggles came from!
  • "The boss" at Sun Micro?!?! He looks like a baby, like he's fifteen. Man, he even out-geeks Bill Gates from the 80's. :)
  • Holy Crap!!!! He looks like Millhouse from the Simpsons!!!!!!