LG sells 59.7 million smartphones in 2015, two flagships slated for this year

LG has announced its quarterly earnings for Q4 2015, recording 15.7 smartphone sales during the period, which brings the total number of sales in 2015 to 59.7 million. That's a minor increase from 2014, where the South Korean manufacturer managed sales of 59.1 million.

Revenue from the mobile division for Q4 was 3.78 trillion won ($3.26 billion), an increase of 12 percent from Q3 2015. LG attributed the increased sales figures to improved sales in North America. LG Electronics as a whole recorded revenues of 56.51 trillion ($48.8 billion), and an operating income of 1.19 trillion won ($1.03 billion) for 2015, both down from 2014. The vendor chalked up the slowdown in cumulative sales figures to "sluggish global market demand for TVs and softer growth of smartphone market."

Looking forward to 2016, LG has mentioned that it will launch two flagships, along with affordable handsets aimed at emerging markets.

Source: LG

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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