Bootloop-affected LG G4 and V10 owners are suing LG in class-action lawsuit

LG G4 and LG V10
LG G4 and LG V10

Fortunately, bootloops are a relatively rare occurrence unless you tinker with your software... or you own an LG G4 or LG V10. Bootloops were a notorious problem for these phones and at the beginning of 2016, LG acknowledged the defect and offered repairs and replacements.

Problem is, owners are claiming they didn't work either. And now they've called in the lawyers.

In a new class-action lawsuit filed Wednesday in a California federal court, one of the LG G4-owning plaintiffs claims LG replaced his bootlooping G4 twice, and the third freezes constantly, "manifesting signs of the bootloop defect and unmerchantable." The suit also claims that LG knowlingly continued to sell the LG V10 with the bootloop defect and refused to repair LG G4s that failed outside the one-year warranty.

The suit claims both the G4 and its similarly-constructed cousin the V10 had processors which were inadequately soldered to their motherboards, causing them to fail in the heat of their regular operation, causing them to lag, freeze, overheat, randomly reboot, bootloop and eventually die.

If you didn't have your data backed up, like photos of your kids or work documents, that data was lost forever when the phone failed as well.

These onerous owners are claiming unjust enrichment, unfair trade, and breached of warranty laws, seeking not only damages and legal fees, but demanding a federal judge order a comprehensive program to repair all LG phones containing the bootloop defect and customer restitution.

Will you be joining the class action? Let us know in the comments!

Ara Wagoner

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  • Seek damages? The $600-700 phone price damages ?
  • Oh the lawyers and original people that are filing the lawsuit will cash in. In todays age most civil lawsuits are ruthless. They will probably sue for the phones value they paid. Pain and suffering as well since they had to go through problems with the phone and other damages too. In the end they will probably get 5 times the value more than what they paid.
  • Did I misread that, or did you suggest that people in this suit are going to get $3,000 each?
  • You didn't misread it. I'm pretty sure that there are some judges that will agreed with whoever files the petition in court that being without a phone causes some sort of emotional stress, pain and suffering, etc.... Considering the fact that most of these attorneys don't have to walk into the courthouse a file the paperwork. Nowdays they can electronically file their petition. (e-case it).. Judges can pull it up via secured devices as well. Could I be over-exaggerating? I could be, but you've never seen some of the most frivilous lawsuits filed that have resulted in people getting way more than they should actually get. Again the original petition or suit holders and attorneys will be the ones to make the most out of it compared to the others.
  • Honestly i doubt owners will even get 10% of the phone's worth. Apple was sued over a Antenna issue in thr iPhone 4 and Apple 'lost' the law suit. But they were only required to pay each iPhone 4 owner just $15. See it here So if LG has a good legal department like Apple then they will get off with something small like that too. But of course if LG does lose the lawsuit then yes you're right about the lawyers making a ton of money off it.
  • More likely the lawyers will make millions and the G4/V10 owners will get enough money to buy a happy meal.
  • Yep... exactly.. see above Apple lawsuit I posted where that exact thing happened.
  • You nailed it.
  • This is the capitalism you bought.
  • This^
  • No, this is a class action lawsuit. In the end the G4 owners will probably get some LG discount coupons and their lawyers will get enough to buy new speedboats, cars, houses, etc... In most cases in class action suits only the lawyers get anything.
  • How do i take action in the class action lawsuit suit I had this problem 2 times
  • Wait for them to send you something via mail. A judge has to approve it first though.
  • My first LG V10 died on the charger. My replacement's battery life is horrible with very light use.. It barely last 5 hours and lately it has been getting very warm even when not being used. I can't wait to get rid of this thing. No more LG for me
  • I think it's made the issues we get with phones but all different ones. I had a lgg4 and now a G5 and had no issues at all but i had a lumia 900 i think it was and a 950xl and both had to go back to Nokia/Microsoft to be fixed yet my bro has had the some phones but had no issues with the lumias but has with the lg's
  • After my V10 bootloop, I'm just waiting to finish paying it off in November and get a Black Friday deal. I'm done with the flagship, get it when it comes out BS. Any future phone I get may be a midrange, will be out for 6 months or more, have a history of no major hardware issues, and not catch fire. Oh, and not be an LG.
  • Every time I say this, people rush to defend it, but fact is the 808 was just not a good processor. I know it's a binned 810 or whatever, but the performance in any phone always seemed be just okay...along with terrible battery life.
  • I don't bribe it was qualcomm's fault. It was LG that didn't install the heat sink correctly.
  • From performance tests I saw, the processor was pretty good. The bootloop problem was pure LG. My coworker down the hall is on his third G4 first two had bootloops. I almost bought a G4 when they came out. I am so glad I waited. Now I always wait at least several months before I buy a phone. Saved me on the Note 7, I was tempted but decided to wait a few months.
  • I agree 100%. No LG phones form me either. Never.
  • I found out a few months after I sold my V10 that the buyer eventually got the bootloop problem. Makes me wary of buying LG phones in the future, despite liking some of their features Judging from how widely reported this problem is, there might be a real case here. If LG knowingly sold the phones with the defect and refused to fix them, the owners do deserve some compensation
  • See, I don't think it's been widely reported. That's the thing. Sure, of you browse tech sites like I do (and I assume you do the same), you've seen this issue pop up often. But, if you're Mr and ms everyone, this issue hasn't been reported at all.
  • That's very true
  • Maybe they''ll add the 5X to the list- or would they have to sue Google too.
  • No boot loop issues here with my Nexus5X, at least for now.
  • Wouldn't mind if they added the G3 to that list. Mine is crashing and bootlooping more and more often..
  • I wouldn't mind at all! My G3 started bootlooping 1.5 weeks after I finished paying it off and it became "mine". Was hoping to give it to my son and now it's a brick. #neverLG
  • Can't you fix it by booting in download mode and using the pc software to reinstall the OS?
  • No, It is not a software problem but a hardware problem. My G3 suffered the same faith as all these G4s. The processor chip gets really hot and desolders itself from some of the connections from the motherboard. Some cases the phone constantly bootloops, other the screen shuts off, or you lose function of your SD card or SIM card. All dependent on which pins lose contact. Only temporary fix is to reflow the chip... Which basically means making the motherboard to head the solder to reflow back onto the contacts.
  • Good to know. So, my wife's G5 started getting extremely hot out of nowhere... Do you think it's the beginning of the end and she's about to get the boot loop issue?
  • I haven't heard of the G5 having a major history of bootloop-ing. Check battery usage and see if you have any apps going through a lot of battery. I once tried to set up a MS Exchange server connection and my phone got hot and chewed though the battery.
  • It's an hardware issue
  • It's highly unlikely that the G3 would be added to the devices in the complaint,since it came out in spring 2014. The G4 and V10 were both 2015 tech suffering from manufacturer defects well before the end of their standard warranty in a very common occurrence in 2016.
  • So how does one get in on this? I still have my defunct G4 that boot loops.
  • +1
  • +2
  • I have steered clear of their products for a while because of what I have read regarding the bootloop on a few LG phones. I know that not many people follow android news sites but if this lawsuit spreads the word I hope LG takes a hit in sales.
  • Why so negative, you do know if they take a hit it effects real people that work there. Class action lawsuits, LMAO, really for a phone. Man these filthy scum lawyers will do anything for the evil dollar.
  • It's not that I want them to disappear from the market. But the only way some companies react and fix their problems is by having to confront consequences.
  • Payback is a bitc.......
  • scummy lawyers? really? that's your take? lg knew they were sending customers phones with faulty motherboards. which would essentially brick the device. that's scummy. i had 4 g4s. 4. i won't even go into the bs i went through with lg and my carrier in each of those returns. so, now my only recourse is a lawyer or for lg to give me some sort of coupon or actual monetary compensation. or i could murder lg employees or something along those lines. what do you suggest the "moral" path is, genius? wait...for L fing G?
  • @cybertec69 Why so positive? You do know that the people who bought those expensive phones and ended up with a useless brick took a hit too? If people at LG were to lose their jobs over this lawsuit then it would only be LG's fault for causing this situation by treating their customers with contempt and continuing to sell them defective units and then refusing to replace them if they broke due to that known inherent fault outside the warranty period. I agree completely with what other people here have said about this lawsuit being the only way big companies like LG will ever take any notice of their customers who have problems. Tell you what - next time I have something that I know is faulty and could break at any moment I'll give you a call so that I can sell it to you, but I won't tell you about the fault of course. Evidently you will have no problem with that, and you won't be asking me for your money back when it breaks after a short period of time, because apparently that's a fine way to do business according to you...
  • My LG G Pad does the same. All LG products crash.
  • My g pad hasn't.....not yet!!!
  • I had original G4 bootloop, then Sprint replaced twice with G4s that also bootlooped. When though I did back up the phone regularly, there are items I lost each time. Finally replaced with new G5, which has been ok until recent GPS issues. Not sure I'll be returning to LG anytime soon...
  • The GPS issue is a common G5 issue
  • Sign me up, I went throught at least 7 or 8 LG G4's with the Boot Loop issue between myself, my wife, and my sister-in-law.
  • Yeah add me to the group... I had 2 g4 mine and wife's... I loved the g4 thou.. To our bad luck during our holiday her phone bootlooped... Luckily it was still in warranty... They replaced the mother board. I sold it to my staff and it's working great.. Been 1 year since replaced mother board.. My 2nd LG also boot looped after 1 month of hers.. That also working great given it to my driver...
    Thou I still looking for G6 than s8
    I had s7 edge that also had a display defect and got it replaced in warranty... Even iPhone 7 plus are bursting into flames. I guess 1% defect rates in most gadgets or cars
  • I read this story, and I support it 100 percent, I feel this needs to happen to LG because they didn't do anything to appease the defects that were occurring in their Smartphones, I was a victim of the LG G4 bootloop myself, and it sucks that this happen, and LG let it drag for so long, I am a huge LG fan, but not a blind one, LG needs to not only move forward in making sure their motherboards are finely tuned, they also need to improve their Customer Service performance, I read some not so good things about their Customer Service, to me, Customer Service performance is a main factor in whether that Consumer will stay with that Company or not, if you're not doing anything to better your Customer Service performance, expect those who been with you for years to move to another OEM, and expect potential buyers to refrain from buying your products based off the Customer Service feedback. I am really glad that this is happening to LG, they need this, and I feel they will make sure that this doesn't happen again, one thing a Company hates is losing money.
  • Yep. My g4 is already done odd things... self Reboots , half the screen going static, like a TV without reception. Only had it for 8 months or so. ATT told me, when I bought it, that the bootloop problems should be no more. Liars. Love to see them included. I picked the shortest payment plan (24mo) but I don't think it will line to see the end of that. I'm getting anxious and nervous. I'd be happy if they just replaced it early with something reliable... But that's not going to happen. So, I'll hop on the lawsuit and hope to get a new phone or some money to purchase such from this ordeal. Just wish ATT was included. Sad.
  • yes, yes i will
  • I work for a cell phone company, and how LG handled these is just plain, flat out wrong. I've personally seen and heard horror stories. People losing all their stuff. They just handled it the worst way possible in my eyes. I'll be very leary of selling their devices after they handled this situation. I also hope the people affted get the full retail cost of the phone plus whatever. Sorry for sounding passionate, as I've dealt with the purchasers of these bootlooping devices and dealt with LG and their horrible customer service and it's been nothing short of a terrible experience.
  • After owning a G4 and a V10, I will never buy another LG phone, even as nice as the G6 sounds I will not risk my money, maybe if it were a $ 200 phone I'd take the risk. My sister in law got so fed up with LG sending her G4s that would boot loop again or repairs that came back worst than when she sent them in I watched her throw her phone on the ground then throw it in the trash, was actually kind of amusing :)
  • I have had my G4 replaced 5 times all with bootloop issues, VZW refused to send me a different device and LG gave me the same answer... Definitely putting in for this lawsuit
  • Sign me up, been through 4 or 5 LG G4 phones between my wife and I.
  • How does one join the lawsuit?
  • My G4 bootlooped the day the G5 was released, and T-mo just moved me to that phone. I always assumed this was intentional and exceptionally well timed....
  • How do you join the lawsuit?
  • You have to wait for it to be accepted by a Judge and the class to be opened to the public
  • Thanks!
  • Line forms to the right....
  • LG phones , Great hardware put together by no idea about quality/mfg issues. Their reliability record has got to be bad. G2~G3(possibly G4) Demigod/AppsWatchdog errors, overheating . On the G5, gaps where the modules connect to the phone( out of 3 display phones at Best Buy, only one didn't have a gap). Work great, but break. That's why I went to huawei, the couple of phones that I had, no operational, poorly put together problems. No matter what I've done to any that have had a snapdragon in it, these huawei/honor phones take everything in stride.
  • Wow, I wonder how many people will join.
  • How do you get involved with the lawsuit?
  • Yes, I would like the information also to be included.
  • If the court approves the suit, they will find you via carrier and manufacturer records. And it will be all over this web site.
  • The case needs to be accepted by a Judge, and then the class will be made open to the public. It's possible you'll receive an email or snail mail, but unlikely. Be sure to keep searching for it.
  • I have since the intention to file was announced last month the....daily.
  • I'll definitely be signing up my wife's phone so far from bootloop but because she had damage to her camera lens which has nothing to do with a bootloop issue they refuse to repair.
  • My first V10 suffered death by bootloop two days before my father's funeral. I called AT&T Warranty Exchange and they told me to drive 40 minutes to the local Warranty Exchange store to have the phone replaced the next day. I got there and AT&T told me that they didn't stock replacement V10s, so I'd have to wait for the mailed replacement and fell back to my OnePlus One (which was faster than the V10 honestly) for the funeral. I found it strange that AT&T stocked all of the other flagships at their Warranty Exchange locations aside from the V10. I didn't think much about it until three months later my replacement suffered death by bootloop and AT&T's Warranty Exchange stopped replacing the V10 completely. They gave me an S7 Edge and some compensation for losing 32GB of internal storage. I still didn't make it from original purchase to the 1-year mark with a functioning V10.
  • When I worked for flextronics inside att the most returns we got were LG products.
  • LG = Landfill Grade. I have witnessed too many failed LG electronics, and have worked on quite a few as well. I will never purchase an LG product. QC there is a joke.
  • I'm going to steal that... Funny, but unfortunately accurate.
  • These comments are all scary testimonials. If you just go by Android Central's glowing review of the G6 without reading these comments you might be in big trouble.
  • LG has their viral marketing team out in force on the G6 so we all need take cover. The G6 gets praise because its a standard ok phone with no new features. One of their VMs pointed out that the phone has a new aspect ratio, ok, and is IP68 rated - this maybe new for LG but not for smartphones. Nothing looks wrong with the G6, but I see nothing to get excited about. I guess we get excited because they are not trying to do anything different this year.
  • Everytime LG posts a G6 "ad" on Instagram some G4 or V10 owner snarks about LG, me included. I've chimed in on a few G6 reviews here and there too.
  • Man, I hope they have fixed this issue going forward.
  • I can understand the frustration since I owned a V10 for 10 problem free months before mine bootlooped but how far are they really going to get with this. LG made some bad phones. Phones you unfortunately had. Get a replacent and upgrade as soon as feasible. I upgraded to the V20 and unless this bootloop I will be keeping this phone beyond the length of my installment payments actually owning the phone.
  • As a G4 owner, I will be joining the class action suit.
    There is nothing more rewarding than knowing that
    the lawyers will soon be shopping for new 75-foot
    yachts or $100,000 cars. Benefits the economy, no?
    I will be happy with the $5 checks that I will receive
    as a part of the settlement. Everybody wins! Oh wait...
  • As long as LG loses....
  • Haha.. I didn't even see your comment..
  • As long as LG doesn't.
  • LG has to pay for this somehow.
  • My LG G4 was past the warranty by 3 months. They covered the repair costs. The only problem was the repair shop locking my phone to the wrong company which LG quickly fixed Furthermore my local cellular carrier has also since given me an early upgrade offer without me even asking.
  • Had my LG G4 18 months. Still going strong. Worked better than my Nexus 4 before it. If I get another year out of it I'll be happy.
  • My brothers 5X was affected by the Bootloop, garnered from Swappa unfortunately. It's a good thing that people are taking action against LG.
  • Maybe the 6P and Huawei are next...
  • Had the same issue, contacted LG support in Canada. They told me to send it to their official warranty repair service and that they would fix it for free. Got a phone call from the service repair company saying it would cost $700 to fix it, when on Amazon new was $400. So I said send it back to me and they said they can't unless I paid $60 for the analysis fee. Contacted LG and they said they couldn't do anything even when I showed them their original email to me on where to send it. So I literally lost my phone and still haven't gotten it back. LG is a dead company to me and will NEVER buy anything again from them and have told all my family and friends too. Hopefully people read this comment and think twice on LG products too.
  • Talk about bad timing!!
  • Stay away from LG
  • My G4 had these issues. After I send it back to LG 3 times I was fed up and sold it. Got Note 5. Never once I had an issue!
    LG is cheap for a reason.
    My fiend had a LG G5. He send it back to LG 4 times before he sold it. He got another G5 ( ... yes I know :-0 )
    That one quit as well. He send it back to LG twice before he sold it. Now he a has a V20 - no problems so far!
  • Your friend is a real LG customer. He just won't let go.
  • I guess I am one of the lucky ones. My G4 will be 2 years old in May, my V10 is almost a year old, and both have been flawless. I have the Verizon extended warranty on both, so I hope this lawsuit doesn't screw that up.
  • My V10 went bootloop at 15 months...cross your fingers, and back up your data..frequently...
  • Mine flaked out at the same time yours did!
  • All I see is fake praise and anecdotal rhythms
  • LG didn't offer to repair or replace my LG V10 when it bootloop-ed in late January. I got it in early November in 2015. Verizon wouldn't do anything for free. LG had extended the warranty by three months, but since it was from the build date, not the purchase date of the phone they wouldn't cover anything since I missed their now 15 month warranty by three weeks. I'll be watching this case very closely. I'll also be sharing my story online, like I have been for more than a month now. If that has lost them some G6 sales...oh well.
  • On my 3rd G4. So far, it has been performing well but it's ridiculous to go through 3 phones in less than 24 months. My third replacement is a 5/2015 build and I can't determine if the motherboard was replaced or not, so this one could go at any time. Tried LG's customer service first and that was a complete joke. Tmo ended up sending refurb units without question, so I will give them some credit. No more LG for me.
  • My G2 made it 2 years. My G4 lasted a year. Meanwhile I have an iPhone 3GS upstairs that I use as a quick access Sonos controller. How old is that thing (honestly I forget)? Anyhoo, LG's mobile products look nice on the outside but clearly not built to last.
  • Unfortunately, I had the displeasure of dealing with LG's horrible customer service on a non-smartphone issue back in 2011. Fortunately, that little trip through hell prevented me from ever buying another LG product, so I missed out on all their crap phones since 2011. Phew, that was a close one!
  • Both my wifes and my daughters G4 got the bootloop, but the "oven" fix actually brought them back to life long enough to back all the data up and upgrade the devices to the Galaxy. I know the G4 and V10 were plauged with this issue, but every major player in this industry has seen a failure with a flagship device and some point or another. Look at the recent Samsung Note. I still bought the G5 and the V20 and will probably get the G6 when its released. A failed product due to a fault doesn't mean the maker builds bad devices, it just means they built 1 faulty device and probably took that lesson to make sure they don't run in to that again.
  • Part of the issue is how they handle the issue...or don't.
  • I'm so happy for all the lawyers who will make a fortune out of this. They are the real heroes.
  • LG fixed two G4s under warranty. Why sue?
  • A lot of people had it happen shortly after the warranty period. With a know defect how would you feel if a week or three after the deadline your G4 bricked.?
  • I think LG is just extremely bad at quality control despite their products usually being top notch. I have never bought an LG phone and I never will even though I like the phones do features. I bought three separate LG blue tooth headphones. The first one for $70 that worked great until 2 months later when it just stopped charging. OK, I moved on to the 150 infims. Came out of the box with a defect in the speakers, constant static in the sound, and then feel apart less than 2 months later. Got replacement that sounded twice as good as the brand new ones, exposing the prior defect but those fell apart a month later. Gave up and took the $150 loss. Decided to try LG one last time because the headphones were actually great when the worked. I bought another pair, different model, for $80. Came brand new with a defective speaker. I never bothered to return them. Just accepted the loss and resolved that LG is simply an impersonator, a powerhouse wannabe, who actually makes great products with ****** quality. I will NEVER buy anything LG again.
  • What about the carriers that sell this bad phones an even write their names con them? They feast on this kind of failures by offering you to buy another phone while you keep paying the mediocre damaged one. No more LG.
  • The court of public opinion have already passed judgement. LG sux!
  • Where do I go to sign up? I have owned both phones and have been screwed by both.
  • Moto, HTC, I, and many previous LG owners come.!
  • This is a waste of taxpayer money
  • Remember when I bought the LG G4 because it had a larger removable battery and expandable storage? Yeah, I think I should have just settled for a smaller battery and no expandable storage in exchange for a phone that actually works (Galaxy S6).
  • They can add the two V10's and all three of my G3's as well...
  • LG had it coming. Bootlooping is basically associated with LG's flagships. I wouldn't be surprised if the issue rears its ugly head in LG G6.
  • Both of these products were shoddy and the V10 was overpriced and suffered from a host of issues. LG lost a lot of credibility with me. I am an owner of the V10 and wouldn't touch the G4 with a 10 foot pole.
  • I went through two bootloops myself on a G4 and requested a warranty exchange about 4-5 times after that through my carrier cause I found out, and don't even know if it's true or not, that if it was manufactured after 09/2015 you had a better chance of avoiding the bootloop issue hardware. It was definitely a pain staking process! I really like LG too but I think they should've handled the situation a lot better. Hopefully they have learned from this and continue to make better products and not at the cost of their loyal consumers.
  • Now this class action lawsuit will take the place of the Nougat update in the second half of this year.
  • Here's what everyone can do -- JOIN THE CLASS ACTION SUIT AGAINST LG, Class Action Complaint Case No. 2:17-cv-2046. Here are the specific steps on how to do this. Before doing anything, remember that to do this EFFECTIVELY, you will want to DOCUMENT everything as much as possible and STICK TO FACTS without getting emotional. Seriously, resist the temptation to rant about LG, it will only slow things down. Next, compile clear 1-2 sentence answers to the following questions. Include PDFs of your original sales receipt and your service contract showing remaining payments if possible, 1) Please provide the city and state where you live.
    2) Please provide a phone number and email address where we can contact you.
    3) What model of LG phone(s) did you purchase?
    4) When did you purchase the phone(s)?
    5) What are the problems you had with your LG phone(s)?
    6) When did you first notice problems with your LG phone(s)?
    7) Who is your cellular service carrier?
    8) Did you try contacting LG’s warranty department? If so, what did they tell you?
    9) Did you finance the phone, and if so, approximately how many payments are left?
    10) If you still have the phone, how is it currently performing?
    11) Have you had any out of pocket expenses resulting from problems with your LG Phone?
    12) Did you lose any data, pictures, text messages, etc. when you had problems with your LG Phone? Send everything to one of the attorneys handling the case against LG, Simon S. Grille <> at the law firm of Girard Gibbs (
  • I am joining this lawsuit, just found out a AT&T this was a known LG problem and they should stand my their product I lost respect for this company along with losing information information from my phone. In my view, if I go to AT&T with this problem, LG should have been proactive and provided direction to any cellular company how to rectify the situation. Totally disgusted.
  • I found out about the problems with the phones on Saturday when my phone decided to not work. I was 2 months our of warranty and had to argue with AT&T and threaten to cancel my account with them before the offered to replace my phone. I was stuck getting a Samsung S7 as a replacement but I will have to wait until the phone is delivered to me this week. Very nerve wracking and if I knew there were issues with the phone I would've never gotten it or I would've returned it right away.
  • I am joining this lawsuit. It is their responsibility to fix this problem since it is one within the manufacturing and we shouldn't have to pay for their mistake. Completely bogus. My phone had a bootloop and it was such a hassle, even to ship it off. I am very displeased with them and have definitely lost respect for them.
  • I am joining this lawsuit. Just let me know when and where to sign up at. I paid a lot of money for this phone and I shouldn't have to pay for their mistakes. Totally Unprofessionally. My phone has a bootloop and now I must even pay out of pocket to ship it off. Right now I am a disgruntled consumer.
  • Got our LGV10 from Verizon November 2015. A few days ago it just quit. Took it to Verizon to see what was wrong. They told us they could not fix it and sold us a new Samsung J7. It appears to to have the "Boot Loop" problem. It gets so far then shuts down. I have been trying for several days to restart it but get no where. I am ready to join the class action lawsuit. I was going to throw this thing away but now will keep it for a while.
  • Im on my second J7, and that was after my 3rd G4. After my second boot loop incident withbthe G4,
    T-mobile was gracious and gave me the third G4 for free, zeroed out the remainder of what I owed ($160), and set me up with the Samsung J7. After one week, the J7 reset itself, after 4 weeks, it began indicating a security failure, and forced me to reset to factory default. Each time, it refused to recognize my Google account information, and would restart. After 3 tries, I was locked out of the phone. Only after I changed my Google password on a computer, would it let me sign in. And THAT was only after the 24 hour waiting period for resetting had passed . I'm on my second one, and it's fine so far.
  • I got hit with the bootloop when I was on month long vacation in Vietnam. Vietnam repair shops could not repair phone so I was blocked from accessing accounts for weeks. Double authentication account access with SMS key codes great when in USA but barrier when overseas. Could not access GMail, Yahoo Mail, or Facebook to let my family know I was alive. Thankfully I had all photos saved to 200GB micro SD memory card. All photos in SMS app were gone. Verizon Wireless did not back up my SMS or MMS despite Verizon Cloud app selected to backup. Google Play store thinks my replacement phone is new or additional device not replacement so I had to manually reinstall and remember account credentials for hundreds of apps. Consistently backup photos to Google Photos and Flickr so did not lose all my vacation photos.
  • Those not in the lawsuit should be compensated too. The carriers (Hello T Mobil) who sold units to their customers and did nothing about the issue like LG, should demonstrate their concern now and get that money for their customers.