Fortunately, bootloops are a relatively rare occurrence unless you tinker with your software... or you own an LG G4 or LG V10. Bootloops were a notorious problem for these phones and at the beginning of 2016, LG acknowledged the defect and offered repairs and replacements.

Problem is, owners are claiming they didn't work either. And now they've called in the lawyers.

If you can't take the heat, get out of the code kitchen

In a new class-action lawsuit filed Wednesday in a California federal court, one of the LG G4-owning plaintiffs claims LG replaced his bootlooping G4 twice, and the third freezes constantly, "manifesting signs of the bootloop defect and unmerchantable." The suit also claims that LG knowlingly continued to sell the LG V10 with the bootloop defect and refused to repair LG G4s that failed outside the one-year warranty.

The suit claims both the G4 and its similarly-constructed cousin the V10 had processors which were inadequately soldered to their motherboards, causing them to fail in the heat of their regular operation, causing them to lag, freeze, overheat, randomly reboot, bootloop and eventually die.

If you didn't have your data backed up, like photos of your kids or work documents, that data was lost forever when the phone failed as well.

These onerous owners are claiming unjust enrichment, unfair trade, and breached of warranty laws, seeking not only damages and legal fees, but demanding a federal judge order a comprehensive program to repair all LG phones containing the bootloop defect and customer restitution.

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