Leaked Intel roadmap points to new mobile chips announced at MWC

Expected introduction of new SoCs for both phones and tablets in Spain

Mobile World Congress

Intel is headed to Mobile World Congress next week in Barcelona, but before all that an apparent leaked roadmap gives us an indicator of what to expect. The document obtained by VR Zone shows two new chips for smartphones and tablets that will be discussed for the first time at MWC. One will be geared towards Android tablets, and the other is said to be a 64-bit variant of its Bay Trail-T.

Intel has had a tough time breaking into the Android space with its mobile offerings, and the roadmap shows a forthcoming refresh to many major products. We've seen Intel devices pretty sparingly running Android in the past couple of years, with ASUS and Lenovo among the biggest current partners.

Whatever Intel is going to talk about in Barcelona next week, we'll be there. So keep it glued to Android Central for the very best.

Source: VR Zone

  • These better be good and they better come to the West. Otherwise Intel is gonna have a bad time. Posted via Android Central App
  • Qualcomm needs some good competition. Nvidia is not pushing them hard enough. It is time for Intel to catch up and bring more options into the market. Maybe amd will enter the mobile space as well... I kind of doubt it, but I would let to see what they would come up with. Posted via Android Central App
  • Intel should have the experience in chip making to make some really good mobile products. I hope they do push the boundries a bit more .
  • I wonder if the new smartphone SoC (Merrifield) will be able to run an x86 desktop like a Linux distro or even Windows 8.1. As someone who had (and loved) the OQO, it would be pretty cool to have a 5 inch android smartphone which when you plug into a monitor can boot a desktop OS and allow you use use x86 applications (through wine in linux and natively in Windows) instead of just emulating it on an ARM SoC. This is why I liked the Ubuntu Edge so much.