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LauncherPro 0.8.5 released, LP Plus now unlockable via Market

LauncherPro 0.8.5 is now available on the Android Market, bringing bug fixes, reduced memory usage and widget skinning support to the popular homescreen replacement. Widget skinning first appeared in a beta version of LauncherPro informally released on the app's website last week, in order to help skin creators get content ready for the Market release.

Version 0.8.5 also introduces the option to unlock LauncherPro Plus via the Android Market too, though if you've already paid for a key via PayPal, then don't worry -- it'll still work in the new version of LauncherPro.

Join us after the jump for the Market link and QR code. [LauncherPro]

Alex Dobie
Alex Dobie

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

  • Meh....
  • +1
  • I don't like launcherPro.
  • Nobody cares.
  • I'm waiting for the rewrite!
  • The developer on his site wrote that improvements from the rewrite are being released in the current updates. So instead of waiting for a final build of the rewrite, I would suggest getting the updates as they go.
  • Nice! LauncherPro is my favorite launcher by far. I like the scrolling dock so I can keep my desktop clean and only with a few widgets that show me what I need to see at a glance. Speed and performance are much better than the Sense launcher that originally came on my phone or ADW. CM7 with LauncherPro and Mattedblues is my go-to setup.
  • LauncherPro Plus is still my launcher of choice. I just tried Go Launcher EX. It was nice with the theme, however, it is slower than LPP. Also, it has no animation when going in and out of apps. I cannot wait for the rewrite to be released.
  • I love LauncherPro but am actually one of the few who gets all of the features I want out of the free version.
  • Hey, just in time. I'm buying my first android device tomorrow.
  • I don't like launcherPro.
  • Ummmm... I dont see any skins on lpp. Do we have to dl them or something?
  • That's what I was wondering.
  • You can get the themes here:
  • That's only some of them. I searched "Launcherpro theme" and found more.
  • im not upgrading!!.. i'll lose the ability to use all of Signal23's themes that he previously gave out for free on XDA, and is now charging $1 for.. its probably easier to switch themes with the new update, rather than uninstalling and reinstalling the themed LPP which is what i do now, AND i probably should just give a buck to the guy that makes the best themes around.. but nah.. lol... just kidding.. soon...
  • He has some listed for free, I think those ones for $1 are "donate" version or something. A couple of them causes LPP to FC though, like the other Honeycomb one (too bad, nicest one out of them all).
  • It does appear to be a bit snappier on my Tab.
  • Use Go Launcher Ex. Except for the special LP widgets, its faster, has same features, and is free and ad-free.
  • Yeah, that problems been there for a while. I use the stock browser to create bookmarks. That seems to be the only solution.
  • I did find an issue. Using the bookmarks widget, it will only show the bookmarks from the stock browser...not dolphin hd (which is the browser I use) nor is there an option to make dolphin the stock browser.. suggestions?
  • @ FormerIhponey. I don't think the option to set as default is launcher related at all. The bookmark widget is just how it is, same way on the Sense widget. They all use the stock browser, it's one of the drawbacks to using a different one. I believe Dolphin HD offers a crappy bookmark widget in the market tho. I use Dolphin MINI which has a really nice quick launch setting as soon as you launch the app. Check it out.
  • Ill have to look into that. Thanks.
  • i was bummed about that too.. but now i just use the GOMARKS app and put a shortcut on the desktop... it's awesome cuz it syncs with all your google bmarks...
  • Finally, the lag is gone.
  • I like LauncherPro but it doesn't seem to run as smoothly on Cyanogen as ADW does. I'll wait for the rewrite and then try again.
  • I used LP for a while, albeit some time ago. It eventually became very unstable and l had to restore my phone to factory settings, which actually inspired me to finally root the damn thing and get into custom roms.
  • LPP is the way to go....Everyone has their preference, but I feel that LPP offers the most options and is less cumbersome than ADW. People keep saying they'll wait for the rewrite but as long as Android keeps changing and the number of devices keeps multiplying, you could be waiting and missing out for a while. i run a "Super" Hero and swear by LPP. If you expect it to work out the box with out tweaks for your may end up waiting for Google to improve the stock launcher...IMP.
  • Why do people insist on posting " I don't like it" to posts like this? If you don't like it why read it and why waste the time to post about it. People need to stop clogging the comments with useless comments.
  • Somebody mentioned Go Launcher EX in the last news story. I switched, and haven't looked back even though I'm a Plus user. Wake me up when they add some useful features or do the promised rewrite. Until then, uninstalled.