Knights of Pen & Paper 2 brings role-playing and satire together for Android

We got a chance to play an early version of this game in March at GDC 2015, and now Knights of Pen & Paper 2 is available for all iPhone and iPad users for the price of $4.99. Here's what gamers who appreciate some humor while playing a fantasy turn-based RPG can expect:

Players get to take on the role of players, and also master the game as the party's Game Master, designing encounters, rolling saves, and bickering endlessly at the fully customizable party. Assemble a group of virtual friends, dress them in class-specific hats, and take on an all-new series of quests, including dynamic dungeons, an improved combat system, new loot and crafting mechanics, and more, as the party faces its greatest challenge yet: the new edition of the ruleset."

John Callaham