Introducing the new Jiggle Physics podcast Twitter!

Jiggle Physics Just the Bum
Jiggle Physics Just the Bum (Image credit: Marco Miranda / Android Central)

A lot of you might have seen this Jiggle Physics thing going around Android Central, or even the internet. No, we're not talking about that thing in games when the breasts bounce up and down. We're talking about the corgi whose butt bounces up and down.

For over a year, the Jiggle Physics podcast has been our way to discuss gaming news and culture. Each week, editors Carli Velocci, Rebecca Spear, and Jennifer Locke break down the latest news while also taking the time to discuss larger trends in gaming and nerd culture. They even take the time on occasion to discuss the finer things in life, like cryptids, Star Wars, random game ideas, memes, and more.

To continue to grow Jiggle Physics, we've taken to social media. The iMore games account is now the Jiggle Physics Twitter account — @JigglePod. Nothing about its day-to-day will change. It'll still be a place to post the big news from Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation, PC, or mobile gaming. However, it'll also be a place where you can interact with the hosts and get updates on the latest episodes. They can, in turn, talk more about the show and share some of our favorite posts from across the internet.

So if you haven't already, give @JigglePod a follow on Twitter! And subscribe to Jiggle Physics wherever you get podcasts! Or you can listen to the latest episode, about GameStop stocks and Zelda, below.

Carli Velocci

Carli contributed gaming content across Windows Central, Android Central, and iMore. Her last name also will remind you of a dinosaur. F