HyperX QuadCast USB Microphone for PlayStation 4 review — Perfect for game streaming

Let's be honest. The pair of flimsy earbuds that Sony provides with every PlayStation 4 console are a piece of junk. You'll need to go out and buy a whole new microphone and headset to get the audio quality that you deserve. Thankfully, a bunch of third-party manufacturers have been stepping in for years to do just that, and HyperX recently entered the scene with its very first microphone: The HyperX QuadCast for PlayStation 4 and PC. HyperX may not have a lot of experience dealing in gaming microphones specifically, but you wouldn't know that from using the QuadCast.

The Good

  • Four polar patterns
  • Clear audio quality
  • Anti-vibration shock mount
  • Tap to mute w/ LED indicator
  • Internal pop filter

The Bad

  • Pricier than the competition
  • Position of micro USB port and 3.5mm jack

HyperX QuadCast What I like

HyperX designed the QuadCast for game streaming, and it's a damn good microphone in that regard. My colleagues over at Windows Central have already reviewed it based on its PC support, but we wanted to test it out for our PlayStation users as well. If you can excuse the stereotypical gaming colors of black with red accents — which does clash with the general blue-colored vibe of PlayStation — you'll find it's a great microphone that provides clear audio.

No intricate set-up process is required on PlayStation 4. Plug it in and your console will notify you that the microphone has switched to a USB headset. Don't be alarmed by this if you've never used a USB microphone with your console before. When you go to your settings and check your audio devices, you'll see that the HyperX QuadCast is labelled as a USB headset. If you have a headset plugged into the QuadCast, you can choose to either output all audio through the headset or only chat audio, meaning game audio will still go through your television's speakers.

A great microphone that provides clear audio.

The microphone itself features four polar patterns to pick-up audio based on what you are recording — whether you're streaming a game, podcasting, recording music, or more — and it has an easy tap-to-mute sensor at the top (which causes the mic to glow red) along with a sensitivity dial at the bottom. The best part, though, is that it has an internal pop filter to mitigate any popping sounds from blowing into the microphone too hard. When I spoke with a few of my friends over PS4 party chat, they mentioned how my voice sounded clearer to them than before.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Cable length3 meters
Frequency response20Hz to 20kHz
Power consumption5V 125mA
Condensers3x 14mm
Polar patternsStereoOmnidirectionalCardioidBidirectional
PortsMicro-USB3.5mm jack
Sensitivity-36dB (1V/Pa at 1kHz)

Its stand is sturdy with rubber pads on the base so it won't be sliding off of your desk anytime soon. But as good as the stand is, you don't need to use it if you prefer other mounts. HyperX includes a mount adapter so that you can attach the QuadCast to another mic stand or boom arm. It also sports an anti-vibration shock mount through its elastic rope suspension, ensuring that any movement or bumps on your desk won't hinder the audio quality too much.

If you want to use a boom arm, you'll need to purchase one separately as HyperX does not include one with the QuadCast, though that is generally the case with a lot of microphones unless you find a bundle.

HyperX QuadCast What I don't like

If you are using the stand that it comes with, the location of the micro USB port and 3.5mm jack are a bit of an issue. You'll need to thread the cords through the back of the stand and then reach around to plug them in, which is especially difficult if you have bigger hands. Thankfully I don't, but it was still an annoyance for me to deal with. I ended up leaving the micro USB plugged in at all times and wrapped the cord in a twist tie behind it so I wouldn't need to deal with it every time I went to use it.

Its price tag is another thing that may deter some people from purchasing it. $140 isn't a bad price for this type of product, but there are definitely cheaper microphones on the market that are just as good in terms of recording quality. You'll need to ask yourself whether you're willing to spend a bit more money for features on the QuadCast like its built-in pop filter or four polar patterns.

Should you buy the HyperX QuadCast? Yes, but only if a cheaper mic doesn't cut it

There's a lot to love on the HyperX QuadCast USB microphone, you just need to accept that it's a little pricier than the competition. But for what it is, you're getting an excellent product that you won't regret picking up.

4.5 out of 5

The good vastly outweighs any bad that comes with this microphone, and it's incredibly easy to setup and adjust any of its settings on the PlayStation 4. Even if you don't use your PS4 regularly, this mic is good for more than streaming commentary.

Jennifer Locke
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