HTC's not been above being over-the-top with their M9 promotional videos, and we think there's a lot to love about the new HTC One M9, but we can't help but wonder if maybe toning down the CGI magicians and missiles might help better make the point.

The five videos cover an overview of the phone's features, plus more details about the camera, Dolby-enhanced Boomsound speakers, Sense Home with custom themes and location-based app surfacing, and Connect to easily broadcast your tunes to connected speakers in your house (and apparently dance around to said tunes).

The One M9 is still slated for a release in March 2015 (that'd be this month), so we should definitely be hearing more about it in the coming days. In fact, it's already slated to be available on Monday, March 16, in Taiwan — an international release of the 20MP-toting One M9 can't be far behind.

Source: HTC (YouTube)

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