Creating Zoe videos is one of those things you either love to do or never really bother with, especially if you used an early version of the software and never looked back, but it really is one of the more clever things HTC has done over the last couple of years. The software makes it incredibly simple to put together compelling stories from your collection of photos and videos, and over the last year HTC has worked hard to grow the app into a social platform where users can share and enjoy the creations of others.

Today's update to HTC Zoe brings sharing your creations back to the local level, and with that comes a short list of much needed functionality improvements that make the app feel much more complete.


Included in this latest Zoe update is a fix for the bug that caused a playing video to restart when you change device orientation, as well as adding a retry button if your upload to the Zoe network fails the first time. The retry button shows up inside the alert dialog for an upload failure, so you can either give it another shot or cancel until you're connected to a better network.

The star of today's update is obviously Chromecast support, allowing users to show off any Zoe video from within the app to anyone nearby, but the app also now includes a clip sequence UI inside the Zoe editor for more granular edits while organizing content. You'll be able to view individual clips fullscreen and move them to wherever you want in the timeline, which makes a lot more sense when organizing your content.

This update is rolling out via the Google Play store now, so keep an eye out and let us know what you think of the new features in the comments!