This is the HTC Vive virtual reality visor — on my face

So this is the HTC Vive. Or, rather, it's the visor for the Vive, the virtual reality system produced by HTC and Valve and announced here at Mobile World Congress. And this is what it looks like on my face.

The outside side of the visor isn't really the interesting part, of course. It's what you see inside that matters. But this sort of gives you an idea of the physical nature of the visor. Still, it's important to remember a couple things. First is that a developer version will be available this spring. And retail units — as in things you can I can buy — will be coming toward the end of the year. And they'll change a little bit from what you see here. So don't get too hung up on anything. Don't worry that we don't yet have all the answers about Vive — what it's like, who would want it, and what it'll cost.

For now, just enjoy (or not) the sight of this thing on my face.

Phil Nickinson