HTC ThunderBolt hands-on video redux (can you taste it yet?)

Here's how we see it: We could run around in circles some more trying to guess when the HTC ThunderBolt will finally be released, or we could just show you some new video of the damn thing.

Your call, really. If you want more video of the ThunderBolt -- and who among us doesn't? -- Android Central Forums member ibejack96 has come through with more from of his hands-on with the upcoming device. Ease on past the break to see the new footage.

Or if you want to wax poetic about when we might see this mythical creature, head into the forums. Choose your own adventure. And thanks again, Jack!

Youtube link for mobile viewing

Phil Nickinson
  • Here we go with the P0rn music again....... But really, waiting for this is driving me nuts. Thanks for the vid, BTW.
  • just wait til you get the phone... the battery life will drive you crazy
  • Its not dual core noway it competes with the atrix. I plaued with an atrix at the store and it is sweet. Too bad its on crappy high ass ATT.
  • Wow, that's the nicest phone they have never made!!!!! GIMEEE GIMEEEE GIMEEEE
  • Well, I guess it doesn't do landscape home screen. Unless maybe the owner of the phone turned that off...
  • The Apple reflection on the TBolts screen makes me laugh every time I watch these!!
  • sweet! Only if i could get one.LOL
  • Waiting!! My best buy pre-order is going stale!
  • thanks for the video but please....put the phone down. having a shaky camera and a phone shaking in your hand really makes it hard to see anything. oh well. already seen it enough anyway. might be nice to one day be able to buy one.
  • did anyone else notice that he is using an iphone to capture this.
    why is everyone so hyped about this phone
    its a minor-ally upgraded evo
    the screen looks nice though i love my evo
  • Yes, we all know it's an iPhone shooting the video. Let's get over that. Jack already explained he left his phone behind because he didn't think he could have one at the golf course. Instead of worrying about that, let's all thank Jack for the video, eh?
  • TThis guy sucks at making videos. And what's up with the 70s porn music?
  • "This guy sucks at making videos" Stop complaining and be glad you got a video of it. "And what's up with the 70s porn music?" Lol. I know.
  • The only reason i put a deposit down at best buy was for the FREE buyback program. It is no longer free so i will be returning the gift card. Went into verizon today to play with a xoom and asked a rep about the TBOLT and he said that the HTC lady was in today and that the phone will release next week on the 16th. I hope so, because this is getting old.... but i still want one. I can't wait another 2 to 3 months for the dual cores. I want a 4g android phone ASAP.
  • When I was in Best Buy the other day they said the buy back program is still free on cell phones even though the free trial period for other electronics was over.
  • BB told me it was over.... well, if it's still on i'll consider getting it through BB. Otherwise, I'll just get it at big RED. Can't wait to get this thing so I can root.
  • BB told me that Santa Claus is real, but the Easter Bunny is not (it's Just the tooth fairly in a bunny suit working her 2nd job) - you can ALWAYS trust what the BB reps say, because they are the ones that make all the high level corporate decisions for their suppliers.
  • Almost threw up... partly due to the shaking of the camera, but mostly it was my excitement. Verizon better release this soon... or else. :)
  • Thunderbolt...almost like vaporware. Will anyone truly care by the time it's actually released?
  • Is HTC putting multi-colored LED's in this phone (beyond amber and green)? I hope they start using LED's that will emit blue, yellow, purple, etc.
  • Nice phone. Nice video. Again what sucks is not checking out how fast the browser is on 4G
  • So much hype over the EVO version 1.5, I don't really get it.
  • Ignorance must be bliss. Enjoy your gimmicky Evo 3D.
  • 3d may be gimmicky, but at least it will (in all likelihood) be dual core. Ignorance yourself please.
  • I doubt you get most things, so you're probably used to it by now.
  • you can either get that phone and wait for stuff to load or wait for the bionic either way only one word can help you: patience
  • Love the blue highlights! I hate the reds of the Droids.
  • Heeeey don't get too excited!!! This is what I've been told today. The Thunderbolt's battery life was at 2 hours. Even if this phone battery life is 5 or even 8 hours. There is only one word that can describe this! S U C K! Who in the their right mind would go out a buy a phone who's battery has less life than the '80s brick phones. I completely passed HTC's incredible because of it's total lack of battery power! Why would you waste your money on a product that has less life than a product made 20 years ago!!!!! Come on!!!! Make these companies accountable for the garbage they throw at us.
  • 2 hours, I can understand your concern...5 or 8 hours? These days, that's good, especially if it's pushing a 4G connection. New technology has to evolve - not everything can run before it crawls.
  • how is this an "android central video review", when it was recorded by an outside source.
  • Even though I chose a VZW iPhone 4 over the T-Bolt, it is looking mighty fine.
  • So you ACTUALLY HAVE a phone!! I hear VW is going to have 4G phones sometime in 2011, or 2012, or 2013, or 2014, or..........
  • Newbie here on Android Central (1st post)...switching from Sprint/Palm as soon as this phone comes out. I was in the Verizon store yesterday, and the sales guy said that they were changing the processor to improve battery life. Although this doesn't make any sense to me (recalling/rebuilding), it adds to one of the many rumors out there about the delay.
  • It could be a software change to underclock the processor which might take a couple of weeks. Or HTC could finally put a decent sized battery in a phone. It seems like the phones people complain about battery life are usually HTC from the Incredible. EVO,even the new Inspire 4g.
  • Yay the EVO 1.5 - ugh - HOPEFULLY the EVO 3D will be a dual core beast with improved GPU and cameras and I would be thrilled
  • Being thrilled fantasizing over possible cell phone features. Wow, you have no life.
  • Based off of your response to degrade someone for no reason, I'm not so sure he's the one with no life. I think there is a pot calling the kettle black...
  • ...trenen, I gave my reason..... you on the other hand.....
  • Nice phone but its almost the same as the evo. How can this compete with these new dual cores or some older phones for that matter? Besides the 4g
  • Read the specs. Then read the bench mark reviews. It will (assuming it ever gets released) do just fine. The iPhone doesn't have dual core, or 4G, or a 4+ inch screen, and only marginal ram - and I think Apple has still been able to sell a couple of them.
  • I saw the scores, you are right it looks solid
  • Some one in Droid forums. Has the phone(thunderbolt)in Yeah my demo will be here todayName World of John boy. He says he is getting 8+ hours on a charge, Moderate-Heavy use Minimal talk time
  • Tempting if it had either dual core or netflix. Without either I will wait for other phones. Although Samsung doesn't seem to update it's phones, the samoled+ screen is enticeing and hackers will root and ROM it anyway. Too bad the stealth seems like it will be single core as well.
  • Has anyone ever been BANNED from these forums? I just got the following notice: You have been banned for the following reason:
    If you can participate in the forums, without calling other members dummies, hit me up at and I'll unban you. Date the ban will be lifted: Never BANNED FOR DUMMIES?!! Sounds like a book. :-)
  • obviously needed to go one step further...
  • What could possibly be one step further to calling some one a "dummy?!" I am at a loss for words.
  • Just look for the RainBow What is on the end ???
  • will some of you fine android fans go to this link and at least read some of the BS this guys mike is posting? Thanks guys ...set this idiot strait please