HTC ThunderBolt Extended battery

As newly minted HTC ThunderBolt owners undoubtedly already know, the official HTC ThunderBolt Extended Battery with Door has been the best selling accessory for this smartphone (primarily because it nearly doubles the Thunderbolt's relatively lousy battery life).

The only problem is that because the extended battery has been so hugely popular it has been virtually out-of-stock and unavailable to buy anywhere (Amazon doesn't have any, Verizon doesn't have any and even HTC doesn't have any).

The good news is that our incredibly dedicated and resourceful team at the accessories store has been able to get its hands on a limited number of these extended batteries exclusively for the Android Central community.

If you've been wanting to add more juice to your Thunderbolt you won't find a better solution than this 5 Star rated extended battery from HTC - just don't wait too long to get yours as stock is extremely limited…