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HTC in the past few days has released a few new Android apps ahead of the global release of the HTC One M9, and it's updated a number of its current apps for it and the HTC One M8 as well. Leading the way is the addition of three new features for the Dot View Case.

Dot Message allows you to create your own scroller message ticker, with a number of colors and scrolling speeds. (Use this power for good, folks.) There's also a new Dot Design app that lets you draw and share your own designs. And finally there's a Brick Breaker-type "Dot Breaker" game that lets you go all Arkanoid with the case closed. It does warn you that it cranks up the display brightness to play, so don't be surprised when your battery takes a hit after after you've wasted an hour.

This works with the current HTC One M8 dot view case, and it'll work with the M9 Dot View Case as well.


Also of note:

  • As we've previously mentioned, HTC's casual "Fun Fit" fitness app (not to be confused with more hard-core types) is now live in Google Play. (Download)
  • HTC BoomSound Connect gives you easy streaming to AllPlay-enabled speakers. (Download)
  • HTC Connect (another streaming helper) has added support for Blackfire speakers. (Download)
  • And HTC Tasks is in Google Play ahead of the M9 release. If you have an M9 (lucky!), have at it.

And that's it, folks.

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