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The HTC One M9 went on sale online in the U.S. last week, with customers who bought directly from HTC given shipping dates starting this Monday, March 30. Since then it seems some orders have been affected by shipping issues, and as such the company is sending out apology emails offering affected customers 25 percent off a range of first-party M9 accessories.

Our own Phil Nickinson has received the email, as have some members of the Android Central forums, and the word for most affected orders seems to be to expect shipping between April 4 and 7. Not ideal for those hoping for an M9 in time for the Easter weekend, but an updated timeframe and money off accessories may soften the blow.

If you've ordered and One M9 directly from HTC, tell us how you're getting on down in the comments. Already got your M9? Hit up and take a look at some of the hottest new accessories.

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