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In this brave new world of dual-core, 10.1-inch, Android 3.0 tablets, is there room for a new 7-incher that's not running Honeycomb? HTC certainly thinks so with the HTC Flyer. But ever since we first saw the Flyer at Mobile World Congress in February 2011, it was evident HTC wasn't just bringing the smartphone version of Android to a 7-inch device. It's done more than that, with the usual flair and style that you'd expect.

That's not to say the Flyer's not familiar -- we've used 7-inch Android tablets before. But with the brand-new version of HTC Sense -- which is as beautiful as ever -- and the addition (if a little niche) of a stylus and some cool on-screen note-taking features, the Flyer could well carve out a little spot in the tablet market.

It's not as thin as, say, the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, but it's got HTC's outstanding unibody construction, and design flares that could only come from HTC. It's not a dual-core device, but it is HTC's first foray into a 1.5GHz processor, handy for pushing the 600x1024 resolution. And a full gigabyte of RAM should prove to be more than enough.

Check out our initial hands-on above of the Wifi-only version of the Flyer, available exclusively at Best Buy for $499 on May 22.