Pretty much everywhere you look in late 2017, there are numerous phones being released with near bezel-less displays – both flagships and even mid-rangers. It's hard to believe that the LG G6 was the first mainstream phone to kick off this trend when it was launched back in late March, but the time certainly has been flying since then.

With all that time now passed, we decided to check in with some of our forum users to see how their G6s are holding up. LG's had some trouble in the past with the aging of its devices, but that (thankfully) appears to be a different story this time around.


Mine is still running smooth as butter. Looking forward to seeing how it handles with Oreo.


I really have no complaints that I didn't have from the start, other than lint getting in the headphone jack and usb-c port and affecting operation to a surprising extent. Which is not, strictly speaking, the phone's fault. Everything else is just as pleasant to use as it was on day 1. Interestingly, I just handed down my GS5 to my kids to replace their ancient and dying non-smartphone. I was...

Ian Bower

Battery life has taken a dip are the last update but would still have this phone more than any other bar pixel xl2.


Still really liking it here too. I wish battery life and selfie camera were a bit better, but neither of those make me hate the G6. My wife has had hers a few months more than I have and she loves hers too. She doesn't use her G6 as much as I do, so she gets through an entire day easily.


If you own an LG G6, we'd like to know – How's the phone holding up all these months later?



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