How you can keep celebrating International Women's Day now that it's over

International Women's Day is almost over. The blog posts may have been written and the social media feeds filled to the brim, but that doesn't mean the self-edification needs to stop there.

Earlier on, Google posted in solidarity about its efforts to support women through its Women Techmakers summits, including highlighting how its machine learning technology is being used to combat gender inequality in film. The blog was sprinkled with resourceful links and ideas for subtly sharing women's accomplishments in the world, and I figured I'd round 'em up and share them with you so that you can get the dialogue started next time you're showing off an Android device. These links might also be useful in a classroom setting.

First up, Google reminds us that YouTube is compromised of carefully curated playlists, including this YouTube Kids playlist called Super Women of Our Past, which introduces little tykes to women like Eleanor Roosevelt, Harriet Tubman, and Grace Hopper. Other playlists include Celebrate Women's History Month and Celebrate International Women's Day, though you could find more through a quick search.

YouTube is also hosting a #HerVoiceIsMyVoice campaign, which encourages other ladies to share a video of who inspires them. The video I've embedded above offers more information if you're interested.

Google also announced its added 40 new Expeditions to its collection for classrooms, all of which are focused "on the careers, adventures, and contributions of women." These include a look at female astronauts, airplane pilots, engineers, and more, though I'm looking forward to the day where this sort of thing doesn't have to be highlighted. Until then, you can download the app (opens in new tab) yourself and pop your phone into a Cardboard headset to experience it.

Now, this wasn't in the Google blog post. But while I have you, I'd ask that in honor of March being Women's History Month, you to consider downloading the Historic Women Watch Faces (opens in new tab) for your Android Wear device. The app features a collection of illustrations highlighting women who have made a meaningful impact on technology, including Katherine Johnson (who is highlighted in the movie, Hidden Figures), Ada Lovelace, and the aforementioned Grace Hopper. Each watch face displays a quote from the woman tech maker when the watch is in ambient mode and it's an easy way to flip into something that's both stylish and subtly educational.

Google will be also celebrating the rest of Women's History Month on Instagram.

Florence Ion

Florence Ion was formerly an editor and columnist at Android Central. She writes about Android-powered devices of all types and explores their usefulness in her everyday life. You can follow her on Twitter or watch her Tuesday nights on All About Android.

  • Well these comments aren't as bad as the ones I have seen on ig
  • "Keep celebrating" implies I celebrated. Knowing your audience is important for writers. The only people celebrating today were the men who had a day-long break from their nagging liberal wives and girlfriends. My wife on the other hand, is actually an adult, so she went to work today. Ironically, she still felt valued and didn't even need to become a precious social justice warrior for imaginary causes to do it! Smart and beautiful woman. I wonder how many of those you could find protesting today. Hmm, just a thought.
  • And if it weren't for people like the protesters out speaking their voice today, would she have that opportunity?
  • The guy trying to convince us all of the power of a woman implies my wife is not strong enough on her own and must require the liberal nutcases of the world's help. The hypocrisy of the left knows no bounds.
  • It's was liberal 'nutcases' that garnered women the right to vote and other major accomplishments. It has only been just under 100 years that women have been able to vote. While I agree that women do not lack any rights in most of the Western World, it wasn't long ago that they didn't.
  • Actually not one single liberal voted for the 19th Amendment.
  • good for her and you!
    that's doesn't mean sh#t to those who r oppressed in so many different ways.
    my wife doesn't need this day to be appreciated neither, but is fully aware of injustice outside of our bubble. she wanted to go out to Dr and protest,but had no opportunity - since she was in charge of the business and had no one to fill in. you know equal pay, sex harassments (she went through as well), health care coverage and rights... these things mean the world to the people and if you can't see their struggle and pain, I'm sorry for you. just look at the sh#t show of Faux News and sick old perverts running it - starting with that monster Roger Ailes. one woman came out and boom - just like w the Cosby.
    it takes one.
    not to mention how many women out of shame never reported rape (mostly by their family members).
    how many are forced to marry (yes even in US) as young as 12 or how many (out of shame of their own families) are forced to marry their rapists.
    let's not even go to the attrocius treatments in the rest of the crazy world - Africa , Midde East, Asia.
  • The injustice of the way the hypocritcal left's Muslim bff's treat women was not what was protested today. That is a real woman's issue. Along with other legit issues like trafficking. But if you want to pretend that those are the causes the left was championing today then I have beach front property in Kansas to sell you.
  • So women are protesting today for what exactly? It's not against Islam and the practice of silencing their women, BC CNN says it's a religion of peace. They're not protesting for equal pay, seeing as that's been illegal for decades, and the "wage gap" has been debunked more times than Bill Clinton has been accused of sexual assault. Maybe they're protesting all the rights the GOP has taken away from them???....Nope, not that, no rights have been taken away. Ohhhh, I get it, they're protesting the privilege they have here in America. If today's third wave feminists really cared about women's rights, they wouldn't be allied with Islamic apologists
  • Your POTUS said on TV that women should be punished in some form for abortion. Your Vice Pres already showed in practice discrimination. Your GOP's been advocating against women's rights to choose. Your conservative legislative body was and is pushing for atrocious bills going even further against abortion. So, yeah , there is a big fcuki N reason for women to protest. If you don't see one , you are either blind or ignorant.
  • How so? I can't find anything anywhere to confirm that!
  • IWD is for all those ladies who can't succeed without whinging and exposing how inadequate they are. We've had 2 female Prime Ministers here in the UK... just saying.
  • It's just a cop out for making bad life decisions. Liberalism is all about blaming someone else for their own failures.
  • Yep
  • I think maybe IWD has more to do with countries where women are pretty poorly all over the world - it's more relevant in some countries than others, e.g. it's more relevant in India and Pakistan than in the UK or Canada.
    But in modernised countries, it's also important to acknowledge how far their rights have come seeing as though 60 years ago, they weren't equal to say the least.
  • The trolls really came out for this post I thought it was great to see so many women speaking up in different ways today, and I fully support them
  • Someone has a different opinion than you so they must be trolls. You've set the bar pretty high there. I bet you preach tolerance too.
  • I consider people coming to comment on international women's day with baldy misogynistic comments (like the ever enlightening "F IWD") to be trolls, yes. I think that's a fair description
  • Wow, your use of the term "baldy" in your comment shows age discrimination. Go figure. You are in fact trolling people for being grown ups. That's akin to someone saying useless, clueless, entitled millenials.
    Certainly not rife with progressive values and all inclusiveness. Not to mention this famous"tolerance" of the left, unless you dare disagree with them. LMAO, completely pathetic & disengenious.
  • YOu're doing the EXACT same thing
  • Hey, thanks! :)
  • Dam some people really don't like women on these comments.
  • It's most likely due to 3rd wave feminism leaving a bad tastes and many people's mouths. I can totally see that from their perspective, although they are leaving out women who face real oppression as you mentioned in another comment.
  • Or maybe people don't want to listening to the liberal basketcases masquerade imaginary rights and problems while real women are getting tortured and trafficked all over the world. You must be a real intellect to be able to equate the non support of this ridiculous protest to a blanket hatred of women. Unfortunately you probably learned that in schools.
  • Because cat calls and men admiring a female's body is not sexual assault like these 3rd wave feminists love to claim. A non existent wage gap, shaming of women that prefer to be stay at home mom's, victimizing women that can't go around sleeping with multiple partners and claim "rape"....
  • Has nothing to do with liking or not liking "women" It has to do the feminism. The way it is represented today.
  • Nice, but again like with the woman's March in America, there's very little to none that American women need which men have. Now if it supports women in 3rd world countries where women are actually treated like ****, I'm all for it.
  • I say the absolute best thing we can do to keep celebrating women is to not forget about the billions of women living in Saudi Arabia, Iran and other highly oppressive regimes. Let's don't forget about the women who are killed because they didn't wear a hijab or because they dared being seen in public without​ their man. Let's not forget about women who under Sharia law are whipped and beaten everyday because they didn't please their man. I plan to celebrate women's liberty by being a voice for the above women I mentioned.
  • True, the only thing Google does is talk talk, no better actions around the globe in solving the underlying issues. Women rapes and child marriages are rampant all over the world. Greater part of the world doesn't have the opportunities women in US has. The only being done is moaning because "someone" is President. If y'all care, raise your voices and implement better solutions for worldly problems affecting all women. BTW young girls are still in captivity with Boko Haram
  • Linda Sarsour, an organizer for the Women's March on Washington is an advocate for Sharia Law, believe it or not, and all while calling herself a 'Progressive'. If that's not the most hypocritical thing you've ever heard, I don't know what is.
  • I know, it makes no sense.
  • What about the women here that celebrate Islam?
  • Gender equality in film? This is why no one takes third wave feminism, social justice, or cultural Marxism in general seriously. Protest actual inequality in Somalia, or suppression in Saudi Arabia, or actual rape culture in India. Seriously, get on a plane, and go protest there. Or GTFO. Anti-intellectual lightweights.
  • Meh that would require work, the millennials #(insert edgy thing here) is all they know how to do. Hell most of them could not point to India on the globe if it had no names on it.....
  • This is sadly true. I can never understand these 3rd wave feminists in ignoring Sharia Law for pretty first world issues.
  • Not totally true. I know a lot of hardworking Millennials and and lot of lazy Boomers.
  • I don't think just deciding to bail on work (looking at teachers) accomplishes said goal. Hundreds of thousands of dual-working families had to drop everything and either take a day off themselves or hire a sitter for their school aged children. That's a pretty selfish way to prove whatever. I work with lots of strong, successful women. All were at work today, doing what they do best - being badass hard working successful professionals. They have my respect, that's for sure. Screaming angry hysterical anti-Trump words into a megaphone while everyone else is working isn't the best way to advance a cause, IMO.
  • Inconveniencing people is pretty much the point of a strike, because it gets at least some people to pay attention to your reasons for striking. If you hold a strike and it doesn't have an affect on anyone's day you're doing it wrong
  • Strike? Like a union strike? Anyhow, Hope it accomplished said goal I guess.
  • To me, the inconvenience would make me not support their cause. Now if it was a side-road thing, I would be fine with it.
  • Who suffered? The children. It didn't affect anyone else.
  • lol children didn't suffer by missing one day of school
  • What about the hard working mom's who now have figure out how to get by because their income is less this month? Since they or the children's father had to take the day off work to stay with those kids, or pay extra for a babysitter that day.
  • women of Poland disagree.
    just a few months ago, on the day of their conservative govt Abortion Ban, they all went to the DT square and the whole city stopped. 500,000 women was there , not at work. Guess what happened - govt. bent and reversed the decision. when you make everything stop, only then the big business and government will hear your voice and act accordingly. no successful business can grow and build anything without the labor. some like them slaves and some like them happy and satisfied. false narrative here is that you can't have a balance between labor quality of life and "properly awarded" executives and "job creators". just look at the way some European companies treat their workers. VW has them as 50% of Board Members, gives them shares , pension plans , etc. Yet, they were one of the biggest and most successful car makers in the world. growing enough to take over a lot of smaller companies (Seat, Skoda,etc) even Lamborghini and Bugatti, which they actually made better.
  • Poland is not the US.
  • Lmao at a bunch of men going at it in a thread about women's day.
  • There was an International Women's Day?
  • I like how AC celebrates women every time they publish a porn app review. THAT'S how you celebrate women every single day!
  • LoL
  • It's not like the women that go to these things have lives. Most of them are single, liberal, and ugly. Just look at the rank and file that show up to these things. No man wants anything to do with them.
  • And getting paid to do it!
  • I'm still waiting for white male day. I didn't ask to be a white male, but I am, and we've contributed a whole lot to society. Why don't we get a day of celebration?
  • It's every day, where have I been?
  • Generally in my news feed I use Android Central to have a break from the normal cycle of political news. But lately it seems AC has been contributing more and more to that flood. I know it generates hits and in turn more ad revenue. But as a long time reader (since the HTC g1) I'm politely asking that you do not continue in this direction. I'm certain I'm not the only one who's turned off by this kind of article.
  • Yeah, its Florence, she is also on Twits All About Android and I can hardly listen to that show anymore either with all her political crap. Jason had to pretty much shut down one of her app reviews a few weeks ago because it was so biased to one political side it was embarrassing. I get the whole journalists are people too, and love that she is passionate about her cause, but seriously her and other tech journalists (MEN INCLUDED) need to keep their politics on their personal sites and stick to TECH on TECH WEBSITES. I don't follow AC, TWIT, et al to get political news (unless it is a tech related legislation like open internet and FCC stuff, or go work for CNN, CBS etc. if you want to do political news. STOP HARPOONING YOUR POLITICS INTO MY TECH REVIEWS!
  • Unless you plan on paying the bills and salaries at AC, its not going to stop.