Hisense Sero 7 Pro Review

One of the most important factors for any device — especially 7-inch tablets — is price. It's not uncommon to hear that if something is twice the price, it should be twice as good to justify that price. When looking at the $149 Sero 7 Pro, it begs the question: are other tablets that cost an additional $50, $100, or more, that much better than Hisense's new offering?

Many potential buyers no doubt passed up this tablet completely, not recognizing the manufacturer and immediately labeling it a "no name" Chinese Android tablet. Those who frequent Android forums, on the other hand, have likely heard the buzz created by the popularity of this new budget tablet.

The question becomes — even at this price — is it worth it? With specs that match or beat the immensely popular Nexus 7 in almost even area, and at $50 cheaper, it would seem like a no-brainer. Are the improvements over the 11 month old Nexus 7 enough to bring the Sero 7 Pro up to today's spec standards? If not, does the price merit a purchase anyway? How does Hisense's hardware stack up in the quality department?

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  • Bright, high definition display with great viewing angles. Expandable memory via microSD. Mini-HDMI out for display mirroring. Tegra 3 processor on board for NVIDIA-optimized games. Minimal "skinning" and bloatware from the manufacturer, with an almost-stock version of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. Loud stereo speakers.


  • Results of the budget pricing can be felt in some areas of the hardware build quality (understandably so). Odd addition of a screenshot button to the navigation bar. Only available with 8GB of internal memory. Ships with Android 4.2.1; missing features from 4.2.2 like hold-to-toggle Quick Settings. Walmart exclusive.

The Bottom Line

Those looking to buy a 7-inch Android tablet today can't go wrong with the Sero 7 Pro's winning combination of feature-packed hardware and low price. It combines the Nexus 7's winning spec-list with three of its most requested missing features: HDMI out, expandable storage, and a rear camera. Potential buyers should be comfortable staying on Android 4.1.2 for the foreseeable future, as Hisense has yet to build up a track record for updates to devices stateside. Power users who can hold off their tablet purchases may want to wait for the imminent announcement of the Nexus 7 successor, which is expected to offer next-gen hardware at a similar price point -- along with fast OS updates.

Hisense Sero 7 Pro specs and hardware overview

The build materials are about what you'd expect from a $149 tablet: hard plastic all around, and a few unseemly body lines around ports and buttons. The back is textured for better grip, has an almost copper-like shine in the right lighting. There are two cutouts for the stereo speakers at the bottom, with the rear facing camera and flash at the top. Overall dimensions are 7.87 by 4.95 by 0.43 inches and a weight of 12.7oz. It's not the lightest or thinnest tablet around, but it does feel good in the hand and was easy enough for me to hold for many hours during two overseas flights.

Inside the tablet is a 1.3 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 3 CPU, 1 GB DDR2 RAM, 8 GB internal memory, Bluetooth 3.0+EDR, 802.11b/g/n WiFi, and a 4,000 mAh battery. The CPU and RAM make for speedy overall performance, both in the Android system and within apps. WiFi range is good, with the tablet having no problems seeing routers or connecting. The NFC chip worked well when using Android Beam with my other devices. Although not listed on the main spec page of Hisense USA, there is a fully functional internal GPS on board as well.

All ports are housed on the top edge of the tablet. In order from left to right: a pinhole microphone, a 3.5mm headphone jack, a micro-SD slot that supports cards up to 32 GB, a micro-USB port, and a mini-HDMI port. USB-OTG is supported, so accessories like a computer mouse, keyboard, or flash drive will work with the proper cable. The HDMI out provided good image and audio quality for all the YouTube videos I watched on my 32" LG LCD TV.

On the tablet's right side, you'll find the power button and volume rocker. Controlling volume using the rocker worked without a hitch. The power button, on the other hand, was a bit temperamental. About once every 8 presses, the power button would not respond. Sometimes even when holding the button when attempting to reach the power menu, the tablet failed to recognize the press.

When a power button depress is recognized, the tablet lets you know with a short vibration. That's right, the Sero 7 Pro even includes a vibration motor, which also vibrates when things like the navigation keys are pressed. My unit had an internal rattle each time it vibrated, almost like something was slightly loose inside. It sounded peculiar and loud enough for a nearby friend of mine to take notice. Eventually, the rattle became enough to make me want to turn off vibration altogether.

These two issues are probably just quality control/manufacturing inconsistencies. I was out of the country while reviewing this tablet, so I unfortunately could not exchange it to see if a new unit would make a difference. While these problems were annoying, I wouldn't consider them deal-breakers -- especially when exchanging the unit at Walmart is an option.

The Sero 7 Pro display

The screen is definitely one of this tablet's strong points. Great viewing angles, HD resolution, and bright/vivid colors make watching TV and movies a pleasure. I put it through its paces with marathon sessions of The Office, Breaking Bad, and Game of Thrones, with no complaints. The handful of TegraZone games I played also looked great. The screen is on par with, if not better than, the one on my main tablet -- the Nexus 7. 

The screen's glass has held up well to nicks as scratches over the time I've had it. When the tablet wasn't being removed from or returned to my backpack, it was spending time in my cargo pants pocket. While fingerprints did build up quickly, no permanent damage has been done to the glass so far.

The Sero 7 Pro software

The overall operating system is basically straight Android 4.2.1, just as Google intended -- with a few tweaks and some added apps. One of the first things that users who are used to on-screen buttons with the traditional setup will notice a fourth navigation button that has a "+" sign in the center. The sole purpose of this button is to take screenshots. This makes me wonder -- do people take screenshots on their devices so often that it warrants a permanent button in the navigation bar? Pressing power and volume down simultaneously takes a screen as well, and is already built into Android by default. The fourth navigation button seems like an unnecessary addition.

Making use of that extra black space in the navigation bar is all well and good, however adding a fourth button shifts the traditional three buttons (back, home, and recents) toward the left side of the screen. Those who are used to other Nexus devices may find their muscle memory tripping them up at first, missing intended buttons or taking screenshots instead of pulling up recent apps. I found myself constantly checking the buttons before pressing, being so used to Nexus devices myself. Those not already accustomed to soft keys probably won't notice. I do applaud Hisense for trying to make use of the wasted black bar space, even if it is to add a button that is a bit redundant.

The Sero 7 Pro is a Google-certified device, so it gets all the standard Google apps like Gmail, YouTube, Play Store, etc. The non-Chrome Android browser is also included, sporting Flash support. In addition to these, there are a few manufacturer and retailer apps as well: Walmart and Sam's Club apps, Vudu (Play Store alternative), Tegrazone, and Kingsoft Office. There is even a TV remote control app, however since the Sero 7 Pro lacks an IR blaster, a television must be hooked up to the same WiFi network as the tablet for the controls to work. Apps like Walmart and Sam's Club can be completely uninstalled, whereas TegraZone and Vudu are system apps and can only be disabled.

Hisense Sero 7 Pro Battery Life

The other main Android addition by Hisense is "Power saving mode." There are three available modes to control battery usage: Performance priority, Balanced, and Power save. This works by underclocking the CPU, extending battery life by handicapping the processor.

I had no problems getting great battery life, even in "Performance priority mode." Battery life is listed as 7 hours for continuous 1080p video playback, which about falls in line with my own usage. In Airplane Mode (because I was actually on a plane), I was able to watch sub-720p video for about 7 or 8 hours without killing the battery. In most senarios, battery life during actual usage was fantastic.

Standby time was another story. Over a 24 hour period, my tablet would lose up to a third of its battery life while in non-stop standby. This necessitated always having it plugged in when not in use, or making sure it was off while I was away. If I ever did happen to find the tablet dead from being in standby too long, it reached a full charge after being plugged in for 3-4 hours.

The Sero 7 Pro cameras

All photos seen above were taken with the stock camera app and default settings. Using another app or tweaking the stock settings would probably yield better pictures, but these photos seemed to come out pretty well regardless. The rear 5.0 megapixel camera performs well outdoors with plenty of light; indoor photos were also good, as long as things didn't get too dark. Quality goes downhill pretty quickly in low-light conditions. Hisense was kind enough to equip the Sero 7 Pro with a camera flash to help with closer objects in dark settings.

The biggest problem I had was with blurry shots, or blurry objects in sharp shots. When taking a photo, there is the stock Android animation of the snapshot jumping to life in the app, then sliding out of view to the right. Once this animation is completed, you would think that the photo-taking process was completed. However, the tablet needs to be held still for another second or two longer than expected, or the picture will come out blurry. Not a big deal -- it just takes a little getting used to. Another problem with blur that was more hit and miss was capturing moving objects. Sometimes even the slowest of objects, like pedestrians walking down the street, became blurs amongst an otherwise sharp and focused background.

Besides these minor issues, the rear camera is pretty decent once you get a little practice in with it. I got some great shots of different areas in Tokyo and Kyoto without too much effort. I wouldn't recommend this as anyone's main camera, but it is usable enough to be counted as a handy feature.

You can see my very handsome friend above posing for the front facing camera. It's a 2.0 megapixel shooter -- useful for the occasional self shot or Google+ Hangout. It works, which is about as stringent a requirement I have for front cameras. Being able to place a video call without my laptop is a definite plus (I admittedly don't have much use for the ability to take selfies).

The bottom line

The Sero 7 Pro does exactly what it sets out to do: offers good all round specs, more features than you can shake a stick at, and comes in at a great price. This isn't a tablet that most people would consider a major investment, but it is a very fun purchase. Casual users and first time tablet users will be amazed at how much Android you can get for $149. Even hardcore users who need a 7-inch tablet in the interim of waiting for the next big thing to come out will be happy with this purchase.

Hisense has managed to check almost every box for every user. Those who refuse to purchase a Nexus device because of the lack of expandable storage get a micro-SD slot, providing up to 32 GB more memory. Gamers that want access to NVIDIA-only games in the Play Store get a Tegra 3 processor along with 1 GB RAM. Movie watchers that want a portable device to hook up to their televisions get a mini-HDMI port that mirrors like a champ. Those that want cameras on the front and rear get both, along with a flash and all the stock-Android photo editing options.

Hardcore and power users should be wary, however. While the hardware features Hisense has included are numerous, the tablet does have last year's specs. With Tegra 4 seeing a widespread release soon, and 2 GB of RAM quickly becoming the norm, the Sero 7 Pro's hardware could be considered dated very soon. Hisense also has no major track record in the U.S. for Android updates, so it is hard to say if or when users can expect an update to Android 4.2.2 or beyond.

Buyers who do not need to be on the cutting edge of hardware or software will definitely find satisfaction with the Hisense Sero 7 Pro, both in the Android experience and their wallets.

Casey Rendon
  • So is it faster or the same as the nexus 7? Posted via Android Central App
  • Far as I can tell, pretty equal.
  • Definitely felt slower to me during the few days or so I had the device.
  • I bought my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 from Amazon
    for only $138 when it was on sale in May. It was sold and shipped directly from Amazon.com.
    Do not ever buy from 3rd-party sellers on Amazon
    because they're crooks 90% of the times. (unless
    the 3rd party happens to be a large, reputable
    retailer selling on Amazon, of course) Anyway.... I think the Samsung is a much wiser
    choice than this Hisense tablet.
  • Why? The Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 runs an older version of Android, has a much lesser screen, a much weaker CPU, an inferior camera, doesn't have a camera flash, lacks NFC, requires a proprietary cable for charging (vs MicroUSB), a proprietary adapter for video out (vs HDMI port), and actually is not even as comfortable to hold as the Sero 7 Pro. All for what? Not even $20 savings? Gimme the Hisense any day.
  • ^^^This. Considering that the Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 is essentially the same (or worse) hardware as the Tab 2, I would buy the Sero 7 Pro before that one too!
  • Apparently because it's a Samsung?
  • This is worth noting: the Sero 7 Pro does not support user accounts - which all other tablets running Android 4.2 support. This is a big deal for a lot of people, but not enough for my dad to return his.
  • That's because Sero 7 Pro still runs on Android 4.1.2?
  • User accounts on tablets was one of the headlining features of Android 4.2.0
  • actually it runs Android 4.2.1 so I think it should have the option of multiple accounts unless i'm mistaken and that was in the 4.2.2 update.
  • That's so true!!!!!! If only I knew earlier I would not have gotten it for his birthday.
  • Hi, I am new here, I am reading great things across the board I am hearing great reviews. This will be my first tablet, this comment scares me, though. What user accounts are you referring to? How would this mess me up?
  • Why are people always writing 'weary' when they mean 'wary' lately? Is it an auto-correct thing or something? I'm growing very weary of it.
  • Not sure, but I'm pretty weary of how wary I have to be with Autocorrect and may just turn it off completely.
  • I'm a little wary that this word is made up.
  • Hahaha....priceless!
  • I'd love to blame auto-correct, but that was all me. Corrected, thanks.
  • This tablet is easily rooted, thanks to "xboxexpert". Among other things, the root removes the infernal screenshot button.
  • if we can remove the infernal screenshot button. could we add a button of our choosing? like a search button perhaps
  • I actually like the screen shot button..
  • I've had 3 tablets so far and for the money I'm really happy with the Sero pro 7.
    once it's rooted and a rom flashed any odd software or button are history.
    I use mine mainly as a reader and mp3 player at the gym.This is no iPad or $500.00 tablet but for general use it's a great deal.
  • Is there a reason you stopped short of calling this the best 7 inch tablet? I mean it was the Nexus 7 before,correct? Considering this is cheaper and the spec concerns would also apply for the Nexus 7? I do get the worry about updates. Just wondering. I myself am waiting for a 10in tablet still.
  • Reasons I consider the Nexus 7 better:
    -cleaner version of the OS
    -better overall build quality
    -slimmer bezels
    -support for 4.2 user accounts
    -guaranteed OS updates
    -more internal storage For those reasons I say Nexus 7 IS best - unless you need a rear camera, led, video out, or SD card - or you just want to save $50. Needing/wanting any one of those things pushes the Sero 7 Pro to the top.
  • It's hard to justify giving the Nexus 7 more points for internal storage when the Sero 7 has expandable storage. Also, it has HDMI out as well. Does anyone really use different user accounts? Also this tablet is easy to root, and you can get rid of the extra bloatware. (I mean if you are visiting the Android Central forums, chances are you are already rooted)
  • I do. We actually have a separate user account for our toddler son to use so he doesn't mess up anything on our accounts.
  • LOL the only thing we use alternate accounts for on the tablet is Ingress.
  • HDMI out and expandable memory are the 2 top reasons for getting it. I almost pulled the trigger on it but waiting to see if the new Nexus 7 has either of those options. If it does, I may go that route but if it's 249.00 I won't. The new Nexus better be comparable in price or go home. And I agree with what one guy noted about everything the Galaxy Tab2 is missing. He's right, it doesn't compare well to this Sero.
  • According to Jerry Hildenbrand no Nexus device will ever have expandable memory. http://www.androidcentral.com/why-nexus-devices-have-no-sd-card
  • Well here in the UK, we got the later version of android with 32GB built in, not 8GB. I find a lot of your points picky to be honest. I'm not a fan boy, but most of the above seem to be personal preference, perspective or only very slight (better build quality, more itnernal storage is now incorrect..etc). If you strip your points back a little I think this little gem is very comparable to the Nexus dollar for dollar. Having a storage expansion slot is a big plus as well. Show me a better tablet in the price range :-) So far only con for me is, it needs an anti glare coating on the glass (if they make future versions) or a protector purchased to stop too much reflection on sunny day and time will tell if 1GB is too low granted, but for the price, after doing lots of research and playing with a lot, this is a great tablet with a decent spec. Guess price is low, as they are trying to break into the market, but this is light years ahead of the cheapo, sub 100 devices. Think the review is spot on, for tech fans that have the have the greatest and latest, maybe a higher end one, but you get a hell of a lot for your money!
  • Updates are definitely a huge consideration. Hackability is also important for a lot of people, and the Nexus 7 wins hands down there with full AOSP support. Build quality and materials also seem better on the N7. It's just too close to call one or the other "the best" for me.
  • nothing wrong with ch0ice..in comparison to the vEgetable brand
  • I think you mean Fruit brand
  • I have the Nexus 7 32GB and bought it about 5 months ago. Well 12 days ago was my GF's birthday and really she likes gadgets so I decided I would get her a Sero Pro 7. After the 2 weeks of using it on and off spec wise their are almost identical but the Sero's OS is smoother, I am not getting any of the lag that the N7 is known for when running 4.2.2. I am really impressed with this device but my one fear was getting a case for it. Well that was overcome when I found a case from i-bison that was made for the Sero Pro. We ordered it and when it came in the injected molding was perfect the folio cover is really well done and the lock to keep it closed is just perfect. If I needed another tablet I would not blink twice about buying this again.
  • so this device is Cyanogenmod supported? I can't find any evidence of that at Cyanogenmod nor at XDA
  • where did i even mention a custom ROM? Oh wait I never did, guess someone reading skills are just not up to spec.
  • I know not the lag in 4.2.2 of which you speak!!! Is this a well known issue that I have missed? My N7 had no issues with 4.2, even before I started running CyanogenMod.
  • Look at the forum posts when people went from 4.1.x to 4.2.2 many of them had issues. I have 12 N7 at work (our lucky executive team) that I have all seen with slow response with the keyboard popping up apps not opening up as fast as they should. It is not something I am giving my tablet up for but I have not seen that on the Sero Pro, now time will tell.
  • Since my 4 year old isn't so good with the laptop yet (plus it's usually taken by her older sisters), my Sero 7 Pro has become her computing device of choice. (with a child protecting homescreen; no in app purchases for you!!) She plays several games, watches videos, etc. She's dropped it a few times, smeared it with jelly, etc., but it still works just fine (after some lens cleaner). Granted, this is my first tablet, but I've really enjoyed it and see no reason for the extra $50 to $100 or more for the other more "name brand" tablets. I don't have the rattling sound that Casey gets during vibrations.
  • Darn shame HP couldn't have made something in line with this.
  • Well you are talking about HP. Such a fail of a company.
  • This without question IS THE Best under $200.00 tablet period.. and STILL will be even after the release of the New Nexus 7.
    Everyone keeps trying to feed folk this "Cutting Edge" Crap.. you DON'T need cutting edge to play any game or run any app on the Android market today. A 1 gig dual core phone/tablet with 512 megs of ram will run apps & games just fine.. All this "Cutting Edge" talk is for GEEKS that sit around a table bragging to each other what's inside their Phones & Tablets.. No one else cares.
    Nice Screen..Nice Features.. for $150.00 at your local Walmart.
    Without question The Best you can get for 2013 for under $200.00.
  • Really? Because Ingress runs 10x better on my GS4 than it did on my GNex and GalTab2.... That's a crap statement.
  • That's not true. My brother and two other friends play Ingress with the Galaxy Nexus. I can see a noticeable difference even jumping to the Galaxy S3.. I'm sure on the Galaxy S4, it will be an even bigger difference. Ingress is still laggy especially when there are a lot of portals around (like when I was at Disneyland earlier today.
  • I don't give a DAMN about ingress..PERIOD! This is a great buy.. and now it's only $129.00. Screw the Nexus 7 2013.. I took mine back when I seen this price drop.. and it runs just as fast and looks just as good.. Ingress.. who gives a sheet about ingress..
  • Quit being an ass. You make a blanket statement about low specs being all you need to play games. Someone mentions a popular game that doesn't work well on lower spec devices. Then you start asking who cares about that came? Many do. Accept it: good specs are actually useful. Maybe not for YOU, but YOU are not EVERYONE. I don't give a DAMN about what works for you. I'm not going to tell you what does work for you. Don't tell me low specs are all I need, because you don't know me.
  • I use a SanDisk Ultra 64GB micro SDXC Class 10 UHS-1 card that was formatted on my Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 and it works just fine in my Hisense Sero 7 Pro. It currently sells for around $50-$60 on Amazon.
  • Some of these details seem kind of vague. Bright, high definition display? That's nice and all, but a brochure could tell me that. What kind of resolution are we talking? Pixel density? Type of display?
  • Any Youtube video can tell you that too. Don't rely on getting specs from a forum, that can get too random. Do a search for the comparison of a Sero 7 Pro against a Nexus 7 and it will tell you all you need to know:)
  • 1280 x 800 - IPS, pure colour display.
  • Thanks for reminding me to pick this up. From the DARK AC App!
  • I bought 3 of these tablets. One for me, and my gf's 5 and 11 year old boys. Great value and fun to play with. Very vanilla android experience. Would buy them again Posted via Android Central App with the HTC One
  • I bought it for pops on father's day. seems to been a good buy. i'm hoping there'll be a Cyanogenmod built for it, and possibly it'll convince me to get it for myself. and for mom too, her bday is coming up.
  • I hope this comes to Walmart in Canada. Sounds like it'd be an awesome tablet to get.
  • Why would you wait for it to be available at Walmart Canada?
    Some items Walmart never brings to Canada. And even if they do, everything here is overpriced, plus you have to pay 12% tax on top. Just drive south some 50km or so, and buy it in the States. That's what I did.
  • I just picked up the sero 7 lite. Bought it for my 10 year old. I own lots toys and do research before I buy. I was skeptical but the thing is terrific for under 100.00. Only has front camera, but don't need back one. So far it has performed flawlessly. 1.6 dual core processor/1gb ram!
  • I just read this article on my Sero 7 Pro. I bough one the day after they were released and it's been great. I also get the slight rattle, and I don't find the screen color to have quite the pretty, over saturated, look of a Samsung device, but for the price it's good enough for me. Also, with a Walmart 2yr warranty covering cracked screens for only $15, my 2yr old has a lot of fun with it as well. Overall I'm very happy with it.
  • That bezel...
  • Reading this on my Sero 7 Pro as well. It's my first tablet & I really like it. I needed something to Skype with since my laptop crashed & it's been pretty good so far. I also wanted something for games since my Rezound is pretty filled up already. Great for a first tablet & will definitely hold me down until the next Nexus 7 finally comes around. One problem is it fell asleep & wouldn't wake back up a couple times. Idk why.. Had to manually reboot it from recovery mode. That was annoying. Posted via Android Central App
  • I've been running mine for a few weeks now and I'm very happy with it. My wife wanted her first tablet, so I bought her one as well, and she loves it. It's everything I really wanted the Nexus 7 to be but wasn't.
  • I'm using the sero 7 now and having a great time with it. I've done multiple sweeps of the device to find anything glaringly wrong with the hardware but can't find anything. It's just a good tablet with a great screen. We'll see if that lasts over the next week. Posted via Android Central App
  • Gotta hold out another month and pray the 2nd-gen Nexus 7 comes out. If not, I think I'm gonna leap for this. Not a bad little tablet. The updates will worry me, however.
  • There already seems to be a small following on XDA for the Sero 7. I'm hoping that means some CM10.1 ports soon. Posted via Android Central App
  • Can you post a link to the XDA site. I'd like to get rid of the damn screen capture button. I'm not very technically orientated , is it hard to jailbreak?? I have an HP Touchpad that I'd like to get CM10 on. Thanks!
  • Done: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2297246
  • Thank you! Now lets see if I can do this!!
  • I actually like the screen shot button. It's been pretty useful to me. Holding the power and volume down button didn't work on my unit anyway. I still haven't tried the hdmi out because I don't have a cord but I hope it works..
  • I purchased a Hisense Sero Pro 7 2-weeks ago. I'm a novice Android user. I don't need a smart phone and really don't need a tablet, but I felt uncomfortable with a form of technology passing me by. So far I am extremely happy. I learn more every day and am enjoying myself and would not part with my tablet now. Everything works on this tablet. The HDMI works great, WIFI works great, my file transfers to my 32 GB card works great and today I proved the Bluetooth works great. I'm still fumbling learning how to get around in Android, but I find nothing to complain about with the hardware. A great tablet.
  • Chinese company trying to sell a lot of tablets to America at a cut rate price. Hmmh. That's not suspicious. Anybody who doesn't trust our government shouldn't be going anywhere near anything made in China.
  • It took that long for the Paranoid Brigade to show up here?
  • They are from the Netherlands. As for China, errrrr where do you think the parts for MOST of the tablet market come from? #shakes head#
  • It appears that the Hisense Sero 7 Pro and Lite both have a 1280 by 800 screen resolution, exactly the same as the Nexus 7, 216 dpi. Maybe you should turn the auto brightness off when comparing two tablets. I had several friends tell me the screen on the Kindle Fire (original not HD) was better than my N7. Then I turned off the auto brightness and my N7 blew it out of the water. That said, I would pick this up for tinkering and testing, especially since you could probably port the N7's 4.2.2 over to this relatively easily.
  • I wouldn't say the screenshot button is a bad thing. I like it there, it's convenient and it doesn't get in the way too much. I mean, since I've had it I accidentally pushed it twice because I was laying at a goofy angle but otherwise it's perfectly fine where it is. Furthermore, specs are comparable to the Nexus 7, which is nice since it's about $50 cheaper than the Nexus 7. The real downside to this tablet is that it seems to go really slow when it's in the middle of installing things- thankfully it's a short process to install apps but in my experienc, if you're trying to multitask and install a couple of apps, it makes it pretty tough to do. I suppose that depends on the app you're installing and whatever you're trying to use at the time, just a forewarning to potential buyers. That is the only downside to this so far. Positives include a good battery life, it is otherwise pretty fast, nice display, HDMI, MicroSD. Yeah I'd say it's worth the $150 for it.
  • I have my Sero 7 Pro for a couple weeks. I have it rooted and EVERYTHING works well. It reads my 64GB SD card with FAT32 format fine. I installed the Folder Mount app from Play Store, as a result, it still has over 4GB internal memory even I have many games installed. Standard micro USB and mini HDMI cable with no proprietary adapter required are another two big plus. I am very happy with the purchase. Time will tell how well the hardware will hold up. But the $15 warranty coverage will cover my investment for the next 24-month.
  • Tell me more about this folder mount app you have, I'm looking for ways to utilize my SD card because the internal fills up quickly with apps and whatnot Posted via Android Central App
  • I've had a Nexus 7 since it came out and got a Sero 7 Pro on a whim when *it* came out. The N7 definitely has more developer interest, so a lot of custom ROM's (I'm currently running ParanoidAndroid). Performance-wise, I can't see any real difference from the rooted S7. It's really a toss-up: more customizability and on-board storage for the N7 vs. SD card, HDMI, and $50 for the S7 . One nit-pick with the review: OTG works fine with USB keyboard and mouse, but does *not* work with any mass storage device that I have tried.
  • anybody can told me who knows anodroids , Is it worth to buy a Android 4.1 ? 1.5 Ghz
    1 GB Ram
    8 GB Memory
    2 Camera
    + Gifts
    Price : 170 $ ?????????
  • This is a great little affordable tablet. I prefer to have updates from Google directly but it's not a deal breaker. Hopefully hisense will do good with updates. We'll see Via Android Central App from a Galaxy Note 2
  • Ditto all the good stuff. Love mine. No user accounts is my only disappointment. Hopefully Hisense will do updates and that will no longer be a problem.
  • I'm waiting on the Asus Memo HD. The launch release was posted all over the web the other day. It's the Nexus 7 "killer" from the same manufacturer, but we're still talking last year's tech. The launch release so happened to omit where to order it, or when it's released to preorder it. Lame. Or just wait for the new Nexus 7 in a month or two... but you still won't get expandable memory.
  • I picked one up after the sensor on my tf300t broke down within 3 months of moderate use and since it was unlocked it couldnt be repaired. Also a friends nexus 7 broke down within 6 months the board on it went faulty. So I am decided never to buy asus again. I picked this up and it seems at par with nexus 7. The ram on this ddr2 as compared to ddr3 on nex 7 so it will lag on heavy usage that is just my guess. What was so shocking was that I got an update notification on this tab I never expected a Chinese tab to actually get an update. I am doing this right now not sure what the update is but atleast there is one unlike many others...
  • I got the update on mine as well and honestly that made me very happy. Maybe we will see 4.2.2 or 4.3 eventually officially from Hisense. Starting to think Hisense is in it to be taken seriously.
  • Me too got my update today
  • After using this tablet I sold my nexus7 32gb for $250 on eBay. Which payed for this one and I had an extra $100 bucks this tablet is great
  • This tablet rocks why buy a nexus
  • I bought the Sero 7 Pro a couple weeks ago. I researched a lot of tabs and even bought a Nextbook 8 (big mistake) for $100 before returning for the Sero 7 Pro. The Nextbook’s screen was terrible. If tilted just slightly at an angle, you could barely read what was on the edge of the screen and at times have to squint to read it. I couldn’t use it outdoors as the screen wasn’t legible or bright enough (too bright as I live in Phoenix, but at night or dusk it would work ok). Battery life was a joke. Maybe 3 hours from a full charge. Netflix would freeze about 3-4 times every minute. I returned the Nextbook and spent the extra $50 for the Hisense Sero 7 Pro. It’s the best you’ll get for $150. I’m not a big techy-type person, but in my opinion, this is a very solid tablet for mainstream users. You get a good processor, good RAM, and decent amount of internal memory and options to add external memory. The HDMI works great for downloading movies onto tablet and watching movies on home widescreen. And the battery life is great. I could probably get around 6 hours of gaming off of it (after about two hours of on and off gaming it will have around 70% battery remaining).
  • Do any of the Zagg screen protectors fit this? suggestions?
  • Xtreme guard makes screen protector for this. 15$ but use this coupon code "83off3". You have to order three items for the coupon to work. 83% off entire order. I ordered one protector for my sero pro 7 (15$) and two galaxy s3 (5$ each) ending total 25$, entered coupon code ending price 4.25$ shipped with no taxes. Win win!!!
  • Hey there does anyone no how to save all my stuff to the SD card?
  • I haven't seen anyone mention this, but the screen for this tablet is not only capacitive, but it is also resistive. So that means it works with a stylus also.
  • Anybody can help ?!?!? - I get problem synchronize this Hisense Sero 7 pro gizmo with my BH-503 Bluetooth stereo headset w/mic on Skype or MagicJack application running. Simply, ... - I can hear music on my BT headphones from any player on my tablet. But when it goes to any communication software like soft-phone , Skype, PalTalk, Hangouts or other apps , all audio goes in and out just from tablet and I get silence in my headphones.
    Neither , microphone built in my headphones does't work on any application. I tried with my Windows PC, and headphones and mic work just fine. Anybody can help me, please ?
  • I think you have to click on the audio symbol at the top menu, when you are in our app. It should then 'come alive' - theres a check box I believe.
  • The problem in doing reviews for electronics products is that there is always a biased slant on every review. In this review, the CONS slant was against Walmart and against the product for using a Tegra 3 QUAD CORE processor. The Hisense 7 Pro Tablet at $149.00 tablet is a bargin. It's companion product, the Hisense 7 LT at $89.00 does not have all the features of it's bigger brother. I bought mine yesterday 11/27/2013 and it updated from Android 4.1.2 to 4.2.1 almost immediately after getting it going. This is the inital product offering by Hisense. My neighbor bought the Hisense 7 LT at the same time I got the 7 Pro version Tablet and frankly, they could or should have made the LT version with the same version Android OS instead of making drastic changes to the OS offering. The Hisense 7 Pro will connect to N series wireless routers whereas the Hisense 7 LT will only connect to G series routers. I am able to set my IP address static on the 7 Pro, but cannot on the 7 LT. This is a great tablet to leave on the coffee table in the living room or den or to take to the office for use there. Cruise the internet, facebook, and play Nvidia based games without making your office workstation do it. A Good Product for a Great Price !
  • I agree. It's Insanely Great. Hope that Apple is listening.
  • Can I hook up an external hard drive to it for movies and gaming
  • The feature I like about this is the video quality for skype because I'm planning to take a chinese skype class at http://preply.com/en/chinese-by-skype and I need a good display resolution and great camera.
  • i will buy this tablet,especially that now it is possible to put a custom rom on it that comes with android 6.0.1,so hell yes i'm gonna buy this tablet,that i can tell,is far better than the crappy Nexus
  • the pro 7 and nexus are amost a tie dont forget the nexus has a hard drive one speed.. the pro has an sd card...so point pro overclocks 15000 mhz with the dopa kernel that kernel screams and because os the sdcard that will make it even faster depending on a class 1 or 10 sdcard so the pro could eat the nexus up for a snack,,i own a nvidia shield and nexus 7 and a sero 7 pro so i know facts...plus the only tab i seen with a good cam. with a flash ,nexus was cool but the hardrive must goooo instead of an sd dying on you the drive dies,and poof no nexus cards are much better.id go sero all the way
    #1 hdmi 2.sdcard # 3.flash camera.# 4 tegra chipset. #5 cost wayless.
  • thanks for the comment guys