Have you ever thought about switching from Android to an iPhone?

There's a lot that Android does right. It's highly customizable, powers a large variety of phones, and with the incoming Android Q update, is getting major improvements across the board.

We have a lot of love for Android here at AC, as do our forum members, but that doesn't mean none of us have ever considered switching over to an iPhone.

Some of our forum members recently had a discussion about this, and this is what they had to say.

I am a big android enthusiast but lately, I have realized that most of the freedom available on android devices, I really do not need it and I am leaning towards getting an I Phone, I feel like they have a better resale value than Androids and a much more friendly user experience, is that true?

Carl Duncan1

Have fun with the iPhone, they are not intuitive to me at all. I am an Apple fan though, have all their products except the iPhone, just don't get the fascination with them. I do think that part of it is just fitting in with peers. I have people ask if I have this iPhone app or something and I say no, I have Android, they just look at me blank and move on. In the end they just don't send me...



OP I say go for it. iPhone DO hold their value better than most android devices. Lot of that comes down to hardware build and service support. If resale is an important thing for you, iPhone's are more attractive from that standpoint.


What about you? Have you ever thought about switching to an iPhone?

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  • I generally try iPhones each year to see if iOS can do what I need and each year it gets closer but so far I've always give back to Android. I really appreciate the customization and being able to choose different default apps as well as the file system. iOS is getting really closer though!
  • Totally off topic... I wonder why Americans spell words like "customise" or "sympathise" with a "Z", but don't write "az", "iz", "alwayz" etc... It's not a criticizm(!), just a linguistic curiosity.
  • Thanks for stopping over here, Capt Grammar..
  • This isn't a grammar related question lol.
  • I just had my Google assistant spell both the words you mentioned and it spelled them with a Z. American English is sometimes a tad different than the way you Brits speak it. Er write it.
  • Australia uses S as well.
  • There's a lot more than just that which is different between the two. Canadian's use Z as well but the rest is closer to British spelling. Don't get me started on British grammar or lack thereof.
  • I know there is, it's just the OP's use of the word "customization" that sparked an odd train of curiosity. Yeah, we probably shouldn't get into Canadian English lol. Seems to be a bastardisation (or bastardization) of British English and American English. They spell words with a "Z" like you, but call that letter "Zed" not "Zee" like us. I think they're just trying to be edgy... Only thing wrong with British grammar is the same thing that's wrong with American grammar; 90% of people either don't know how or just can't be bothered to use it.
  • The language trumps logic 😂
  • https://learntalk.org/en/blog/english-spelling-american-british
  • I have switched to iPhone twice from Android. Always come back to Android for the openness and ability to do things that a closed ecosystem like Apple does not allow. For example I am on YouTube TV and with FakeGPS app on Android I can put myself in any city and watch local sport teams. Also, I loved the iPhone X, but missed the Pixel Camera.
  • No. That is all.
  • I jumped to Android from an iPhone a few years ago and haven't looked back. I got bored with my iPhone almost immediately. That hasn't happened with any Android phone I've owned
  • Hmmmmmm... switching from Analdroid to Applesuck, interesting idea to ponder...🤔🧐 Let me put it this way. I'd switch from Android to Apple, maybe, if the world was ending, with an asteroid hurtling towards Earth, during World War 3, while at the same time there was a deadly plague as well and Steve Jobs was back from the dead haunting all Android users... So I guess what I'm trying to say...is...no...🥴😜
  • Alright cultist lol 😂
  • It gets worse. I was... shoot...am...a recovering BlackBerry user. Which explains the PTSD...😉😁
  • I am using a BlackBerry KEYone. Once owned every Apple device other than the iPhone.
  • The BlackBerry KeyOne, Key2 and Key2 LE aren't bad at all. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of physical keyboards anymore. After the BlackBerry Z10 I never looked back. And the BlackBerry Motion is still more expensive than the Nokia 7.1 even now!!! Plus BlackBerry Mobile (TCL) is atrocious when it comes to the software and security patch updates (for the unlocked devices anyways).
  • Yesh I didn't go with the TCL androids after my priv since Verizon wouldn't officially carry them. On an s9 now and doing fine. I am however running the BlackBerry suite of apps. Launcher, hub, calendar etc. If itbwerent for the hub and all the shortcuts I was used to, I might not be but they got em and update regularly so for a buck a month I'll keep using them
  • I have used both extensively. The gap is still there, just not as great as it used to be. As a Note user, the S-Pen is what holds me exclusively to Android these days. For my work it is invaluable, as is removable SD Cards. If that changes, I would have a much harder time deciding what I would use exclusively. Competition has bred a better set of phones now. Everybody has upped their game.
  • I guess the Note 10 will be a disappointment for you then since they removed the SD card slot. That really sucks as I love mine.
  • Yeah, I am still rocking a Note 8 at this point. If I could get all my clients on Dropbox, I could get by without the SD Card. Unfortunately, until then I have to swap SD Cards frequently. Note 9 was not enough of an upgrade so who knows how long I will keep this 8. The Pie update actually made it run much better and did wonders for my battery life, so I am good for a while.
  • Nah. I have an iPad. Way too many annoying things about the OS that I cannot stand.
  • I've thought about trying it an iPhone. I have used Android phones exclusively since the Motorola Droid. My wife and kids all use Apple products. I'm the only one that doesn't. My excuse was that I loved the freedom of Android phones, but rooting phones have become a thing of the past for me. I really just want basic functionality with all day battery life. One main reason, which is just about me, for wanting to switch is for wireless Apple car play. I have an aftermarket radio in my 2005 Acura that supports wireless Android Auto and Apple car play. However wireless Android Auto only works with a pixel phone. I haven't owned a pixel phone since the 2xl. Samsung has been daily driver for the past 2 years.
  • I use both. Way prefer Android overall, but there is something so consistent and reliable about an iPhone. It's the best backup phone you can own.
  • There are 3 things to think about in this: hardware, apps and OS. In terms of hardware staying in the Apple loop is expensive and gets more so every year. I change my phone every 6 months of so but I've decided to just stick it out with OnePlus now. Apple phones are well made but their batteries are underpowered compared to Android devices, particularly the top-end. They also lose their capacity faster too. App parity is still a problem though. There are loads of really good well made premium apps and games on iOS that just never come over to Android. Android does have emulators though. I don't find the customisation of Android much of a selling point. Your home screen is the place you go between apps, the hallway between the rooms on your phone. Sure you can make it look pretty but who spends any amount of time in a hallway?!
  • "They also lose their capacity faster too"
    Yes, it's been verified that they begin losing capacity after 9 months of normal use. Apple pushes their battery voltages higher in an attempt to get more out of smaller cells. It's not much, but apparently makes a difference.
  • nope.. unless there is no Android, I'm not switching. I've told my family, we are a non-Apple household. If they want an Apple, either pay for it themselves, or go to the supermarket and get a bag.
  • I've been on Android since the beginning and was on Microsoft OS since the 8088's, now on MacBook Pro. Guess what? I like the MacBook Pro... a lot! However, I'm still on a Note 9. If Apple would allow me a lot more user flex on the phone, I might give them a try.
  • I have and so eventually I tried my coworker's iPhone for 2 weeks. Not a huge trial period but still. I didn't find the usability to be anywhere close to what I've heard it's supposed to be. After the 2 weeks I think my Pixel is more intuitive than the iPhone. There were a lot of little gripes I had with the software with barely any benefit so switched back. I don't have any other Apple products and my family uses Android so i didn't get any of those ecosystem benefits so that could be part of it.
  • Resale value and software support is much better than Android. I do feel that Android is trying to act more aesthetically like Apple with the taking away the removable battery, micro SD slot and the headphone jack. Things that most core users enjoy.
  • I have no interest in switching to an iPhone. Not even a consideration.
  • I have nothing against Apple products but I'm mentally lazy and don't wish to learn a bunch of new crap. Besides I'm invested in the Android ecosystem. So no I'm not switching anytime soon.
  • iOS is solitary confinement. Android is freedom. Never would I want to go to Apple's prison. I enjoy my freedom!
  • Still thinking about it, this may be the year I try out Apple.
    My son just got that xs Max and is not impressed by not having any other keyboard options, it's Apple's way or no way. Plus he doesn't like the lack of widgets. For me on Android, I've had more problems with widgets than not and usually end up deleting them. Fragmentation between Android phones I think really hurts Android in general.
    Apple puts out updates for up to 5 years on its phones and everybody gets them.
    I have a coworker who buys 2-year-old Apple phones and is good for security updates for another 3 years.
    The drive to me is most iPhones that I have seen work really well and have no issues, they are very reliable. They have iMessage which works really well and that's what a phone is all about - communicating. A camera is not the only reason why I buy a phone.
    Apple, has optimized phones, some great apps, iMessage etc. On the bad side, lack of innovation or adoption of new technology, and Siri could use some serious work.
    Android, can be very customizable (Tasker is one of my must have applications). And Android has a huge user base for innovation. On the bad side, Android is fragmented with various updates including different phone makers, and a third world operating system that uses it's clients data for advertisement to create income. Google tends to leave on microphones in security products and forgets (or chooses not to) to tell their user base or clients. Google's main drive is to harvest their clients data, It has made a billion dollar empire doing just that.
    Google's Assistant is pretty good and is getting better.
    Apple's HomeKit is a local network, Google's Home Network is cloud based.
    For security, I like good, basic, - correct - fundamental moves and build from that.
  • Specific points on updates. I agree value of iPhone updates used to be good. When the iPhone 6S for example was around, you get 5 years for $650 (the main problem for longevity is the battery, which at regular price costs $50 to replace) But now iPhone start at a thousand (or buy the inferior XR, which cost more than my 6S and lacks 3D touch, which I liked), the per year value isn't there anymore. On the other hand, recently with Pixel 3a Mi A2 Nokia 5.1 Plus, Android models come with 3 years of security updates for <$500. This is where most people should be looking at. (And I'm strictly talking about manufacturer updates, no comment on custom roms)
  • Had a iPhone 3G. Liked the phone, but did not like Apple's total control over the experience (lack of customization). The deal breaker was the 3G did not record video, but the 3Gs did. Total BS. Switched to an HTC EVO and never looked back.
  • Nope. I'd switch to a basic (non-smart) phone before I'd go to an iPhone.
  • IOS is too boring and not nearly customizable enough. It does a fantastic job in many areas, but these two points are deal breakers for me.
  • My job phone is an iPhone and I dislike iOS. I would never switch to Apple for my personal phone. Android provides way more options for hardware and is much more customizable.
  • I've been wanting to switch to an iPhone recently, the only things holding me back are the price and the camera compared to my 3 XL. iPhones are great phones for connecting with others, though. There are stupid people who judge you over what phone you have, sure, but iPhones have stuff like iMessage and FaceTime, etc. and I know android has workarounds, but iOS does it better. Plus, it helps when all of your other family members and a majority of your friends have iPhones. Android is more for individualism, and slightly less polished/fluid.
  • In addition, app development is better for iOS. Android users are viewed and treated as 2nd class citizens :/ I blame fragmentation.
  • To me, updates and security, consistent messaging app is important. Sick of Samsung and others abandoning phones after 2 years. I am seriously considering the iPhone...
  • yes I have, that is what I started with, and I am waiting to see what the new Note will be like. Most of our office are all Apple users and I really do miss the watch more than the iPhone itself but I guess hell has to freeze over before they ever make it work on Android
  • I tried for a day. It was an iPhone 7 plus I think. I couldn't use it. The navigation buttons and having a back button at the bottom is sooo important to me. It feels unnatural to use iPhone iOS. Feels super foreign to me.
  • I use both platforms, but if I had to choose one it would be an iPhone for FaceTime, iMessage, and software updates. Years ago, I would've chosen Android, but with $1,000 flagship prices the iPhone seems like a better value.
  • The OS updates are better. Samsung and other higher end Android need to match. Otherwise iMessage is probably the main reason a lot of people like iPhone. It's the main selling point for my 13 yo. She's the only iOS in the house with an XR. Solid device but feels like a '16 device with its width. Bought our 11 yo son an iPad for his birthday and he has not used it much so far. Says his Samsung S9 is more intuitive. I have used his iPad here and there. For content watching my Fire 10 is everybit as good.
  • I have $1000 reason to not switch to an iPhone.
  • I use both, and carried both for a few years. And although I still own a few iPhones and we have several in the family, Android is my daily driver. It used to be software was my main reason, as I keep about 155 apps on my phone, and over half of them don't exist in the Apple world. Software availability and OS flexibility are still major reasons for sticking with Android, but lately, it's been hardware as well. Put the XS Max next to the U12 Plus (we own both), and I can't think of any reason to pick up the XS Max. The U12+ feels better in hand, is more comfortable to hold, has better cameras (yes), and shockingly, the U12+ is faster.