Have you ever thought about switching from Android to an iPhone?

There's a lot that Android does right. It's highly customizable, powers a large variety of phones, and with the incoming Android Q update, is getting major improvements across the board.

We have a lot of love for Android here at AC, as do our forum members, but that doesn't mean none of us have ever considered switching over to an iPhone.

Some of our forum members recently had a discussion about this, and this is what they had to say.

I am a big android enthusiast but lately, I have realized that most of the freedom available on android devices, I really do not need it and I am leaning towards getting an I Phone, I feel like they have a better resale value than Androids and a much more friendly user experience, is that true?

Carl Duncan1

Have fun with the iPhone, they are not intuitive to me at all. I am an Apple fan though, have all their products except the iPhone, just don't get the fascination with them. I do think that part of it is just fitting in with peers. I have people ask if I have this iPhone app or something and I say no, I have Android, they just look at me blank and move on. In the end they just don't send me...



OP I say go for it. iPhone DO hold their value better than most android devices. Lot of that comes down to hardware build and service support. If resale is an important thing for you, iPhone's are more attractive from that standpoint.


What about you? Have you ever thought about switching to an iPhone?

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Joe Maring

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