HTC Grip

Another fitness tracker. Another fitness band. You can't help but think that once or twice upon learning of the HTC Grip. And time — time putting feet to pavement, actually — will tell just how good a product Grip is. This is new territory for HTC, which is starting to expand from its usual world of smartphones and the occasional tablet.

HTC Grip

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Play with the Grip for a few minutes and you can easily see how those product chops transfer over. The Grip is sort of a predictable fitness tracker, with that same rubberized feel to protect against weather and sweat. It comes in three sizes and has expanders if you find yourself between one size or another. It fastens easily enough.

The black-and-white display also serves as a touchscreen, with a power button on the right-hand side. It's simple enough to touch and swipe through the various menus (even in the prerelease form we got to experience), and you quickly find yourself in the various activity trackers. You'll also be able to control music and see calendar notifications. This is glanceable stuff. You're not going to be staring at the Grip and using it for minutes at a time. And that makes sense as it's not to be confused with a smartwatch in any way.

A lime green underside is HTC's premiere model here, and it stands out in traditional HTC fashion, with great contrast against the black exterior. HTC's attention to detail shines with the diamond texture. If you ever had any concern about how HTC would be able to translate to this sort of device, it's quickly removed here.

What we still need to experience: Actually using the Grip outdoors, and in conjunction with the UA Record app on Android and iOS. (And whether and how it'll work with HTC's own fitness app that's debuting on the HTC One M9.)