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Hands-on with Android's in-app billing

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In-app billing for Android is a pretty simple thing, really. Say you're playing a game and want to buy a new level, song, weapon -- whatever. All it takes is a couple apps, and you've got the new level, song, weapon -- whatever.

We gave it a go on Tap Tap Revenge -- you should remember our early look at it back at the Honeycomb event at Google HQ. And indeed, it's simple enough. Tap on the song we wanted to purchase, confirm the purchase, and we're on our way. (That was the easy part -- Tap Tap Revenge itself is something of a confounding application, or maybe we're just old and couldn't handle all the flashing lights.)

Anyhoo, look for in-app billing to really take off in the coming months.

  • Any news on when Tap Tap Revenge will be available?
  • It already is available. Check the Android Market.
  • This isn't good in my opinion. Developers can start charging for every little upgrade now.
  • I agree. Angry Birds said a while back they were going to use this for extra features... features that they would have had to provide for free if this system was never developed. So Google is salivating right now.
  • Yup bcause developers like to work for free..... in fact.... tomorrow when you go to work you are not allowed to clock in or get paid at all
  • I'm not against paying for apps and giving developers money. I am against paying for every little thing in an app, which is what this system COULD accomplish.
  • Flo Rida is not "Flo Reeda" hahaha that's so funny.
  • hehe
    what a goob...
  • lol it was funny its suppose to sound like "Flow Ridea" = Flo Rida
  • Are they going to add the option to add the purchase to your carrier bill?
  • So exactly how many "apps" does it take before you receive your in-app purchase? =) On a side note, I can't wait to play "App App Revenge" love ya Phil but I'm having too much fun with this one!
  • "I don't know any of these people..." Nice haha you should listen to the radio more often or through tunein radio, my favorite radio player app on Android so far ;)
  • Only reason why it took so long is because you downloaded a gay song.
  • Sorry for the stupid question but I've been wanting to know what that agenda widget is, anyone know?
  • @ Hand_O_Death: They already have that option. I used it last night with Widget Locker. I have a credit with AT&T already so it was no big deal, plus its just one less location that has my credit card info. I know some people prefer not to put apps on their bill. I see both sides of the fence and this, for now, is what works for me.
  • So how can I disable it? It is very simple in iOS.
  • i was thinking the same. since there was a big deal with little kids buying a bunch of in-app purchases over in iOS.
  • I agree! I had to turn off in-app purchases on my ipod so my 2year old could play angry birds. I really need to be able to turn this off on my thunderbolt also.