PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 7: Guide to completing all weekly challenges

The seventh season of the PUBG Mobile Royale Pass is set to conclude on July 14, which means you've got just over two weeks to complete all the challenges you can to rank up and collect as many rewards as you can. You're unable to access the Royale Pass challenges while you're in game, so consider this a handy guide to pull up whenever you need a refresher on what challenges are active.

Here's a rundown of every weekly challenge including the Royale Points available for each. We've presented them in reverse chronological order, click "See more" to view the challenges from previous weeks. If you paid for the premium Royale Pass for season 7 you're able to go after every challenge, while the free challenges are available to every player. We've also included some tips for any trickier challenges, but most are pretty straight forward.

Royale Pass Week Six Challenges:

Premium Royale Pass challenges

  • Deal 1000 damage in a single match (75RP)
  • Reach Diamond tier or above (RP150)
  • Land on top of any building in Ha Tinh Area 3 times (75RP)
  • Finish in the top-3 3 times in any mode (75RP)

Free Royale Pass challenges

  • Use the "Charge" emote in the military base area (RP rank reward) (50RP)
  • Kill an enemy from 300 meters away once (100RP)
  • Kill 20 enemies with UMP9 (50RP)
  • Kill 5 enemies while prone (50RP)
  • Get 4x scope in 10 matches in Classic mode (50RP)
  • Kill 20 enemies with DP-28

Tips for Week Six Challenges

With week six, the challenges continue to ramp up with the game expecting most premium players to be knocking on the door for the Platinum tier and putting an emphasis on long-range kills.

Consider that the free challenges include collecting a 4x scope 10 times in Classic mode, getting a kill from 300 meters away, and killing 5 enemies while prone — sure seems like a good opportunity to practice your sniping!

Royale Pass Week Five Challenges:

Premium Royale Pass challenges

  • Kill 3 enemies with Pan (75RP)
  • Kill 2 enemies within 100 seconds of landing in any mode (75RP)
  • Travel over 30,000m in a vehicle (150RP)
  • Destroy 10 vehicle tires (75RP)

Premium Royale Pass challenges

  • Complete 15 matches with friends (50RP)
  • Kill 20 enemies in Sahmee with AKM or M762 (100RP)
  • Land on top of any building in El Paza 3 times (50RP)
  • Get a Lv. 3 backpack in 10 matches (50RP)
  • Finish in the top 3 once in any mode (50RP)
  • Kill 5 enemies by headshot (50RP)

Tips for Week Five Challenges

Heading into the second half of Season 7, the challenges start to get even more specific. For premium players, travelling over 30,000m in a vehicle and destroying 10 vehicle tires are easy Royale Points, while killing three enemies with a Pan might be worth skipping — unless you're an expert at swinging cast iron.

The rest is pretty straight forward. If you don't have any friends to complete the 15 matches with a friend, you can add me at OGmousemachine and I might just be able to help you out.

Royale Pass Week Four Challenges:

Premium Royale Pass challenges

  • Kill 5 enemies with S1897 (75RP)
  • Reach Platinum tier or above (75RP)
  • Kill an enemy from 200 meters away 3 times (75RP)
  • Kill at least 2 enemies from the same Squad 2 times in Classic mode (150RP)

Free Royale Pass challenges

  • Land on top of any building in the school area 3 times (50RP)
  • Kill 5 enemies with Kar98K (100RP)
  • Kill 20 enemies with SCAR-L (50RP)
  • Kill an enemy 30 meters or more away with a grenade twice (50RP)
  • Get a Lv. 3 helmet in 10 matches (50RP)
  • Open 3 air drops (50RP)

Tips for Week Four Challenges

Week three features the second airdrop challenge of Season 7, which requires you to open 3 air drops. To clarify, you need to be the first one to open an airdrop for it to count towards the challenge.

The best strategy for airdrop hunting is to find a vehicle, watch the skies for the airdrop plane to fly overhead, and then chase after it until it drops its payload. Airdrops often include Lv. 3 helmets which is a nice crossover bonus for helping you complete that challenge, too.

Royale Pass Week Three Challenges:

Premium Royale Pass challenges

  • Use the "Bunny Dance" emote in the school area (RP rank reward) (75RP)
  • Carry your teammates for a total of 10,000m while driving a vehicle (150RP)
  • Kill 3 enemies with AWM in any mode (75RP)
  • Open 5 air drops (75RP)

Free Royale Pass challenges

  • Earn S rating or above 3 times while in a group with friends in Classic mode (50RP)
  • Kill 20 enemies in Pochinki with M416 or SCAR-L (100RP)
  • Eliminate 10 players with the G36C (50RP)
  • Get a Frag Grenade in 20 matches (50RP)
  • Recover a total of 1,500 Health (50RP)
  • Land on top of any building in Pochinki 3 times (50RP)

Tips for Week Three Challenges

Week three is the first to introduce challenges that require you to play with friends, and also places focus on the Pochinki area in Erangel.

If you've got a solid crew of in-game friends that you play with, you should be able to knock out the three S ratings, building landings, and driving challenges pretty easily. Weapon-specific challenges that are also tied to a location are extra tricky to complete because there are so many variables, and there's no guarantee that you'll drop in Pochinki and find an M416 or SCAR-L right away, so you'll need to be patient and persistent to complete that one.

Royale Pass Week Two Challenges:

Premium Royale Pass challenges

  • Land on top of a Building in San Martin (75RP)
  • Use the "Thanks" or "Greet" emote in Los Leones (75RP)
  • Kill at least 2 enemies from the same Squad 1 time in Classic mode (150RP)
  • Kill 5 enemies while moving on foot (75RP)

Free Royale Pass challenges

  • Complete 10 matches with friends (50RP)
  • Get a Flare Gun once in a match for 5 matches (100RP)
  • Land on top of a building in Ha Tinh (50RP)
  • Kill 20 enemies with AKM (50RP)
  • Reach Gold Tier or above (50RP)
  • Get a Lv. 3 Armor in 10 matches (50RP)

Tips for Week Two Challenges

Week two features some challenges that are specific to maps like Sanhok and Miramar. Any challenge that requires you to land on a building in a specific area is pretty easy to complete as long as the plane flight path lines up nicely.

The rest of the challenges for week two are straight forward and time-consuming. Getting a flare gun once in a match for five matches is mostly a matter of luck, but you aren't actually required to use the flare gun so finding a spent flare gun in a dead enemy's loot works just the same.

Royale Pass Week One Challenges:

Premium Royale Pass challenges

  • Kill 3 enemies with Grenades (75RP)
  • Give 20 LIKEs to teammates (75RP)
  • Finish in the top 3 twice with friends in Classic mode (75RP)
  • Kill 2 enemies within 300 seconds of landing in Classic mode (150RP)

Free Royale Pass challenges

  • Complete 10 matches in Arcade mode(50RP)
  • Revive teammates 5 times (50RP)
  • Use the "Clap" or "Greet" emote of Pochinki (50RP)
  • Land at least 1,500m from your parachute location 1 time (100RP)
  • Add 3 friends (50RP)
  • Kill 20 enemies with M416 (50RP)

Tips for Week One Challenges

Most of these challenges are pretty straight forward and just require you to complete an action a set number of times.

The parachute challenge is probably the hardest to complete. The distance is measured from where you jumped from the plane to where you touch down on the ground, so your best bet is to pull the parachute as soon as you jump out of the plane to maximize the distance you can cover.

How far up the Royale Pass ranking will you get?

I've been playing PUBG Mobile since launch, but Season 7 was actually the first time that I invested in the Premium Royale Pass. I must say that having those premium rewards to work towards really does enhance the experience of playing PUBG Mobile and lets you work towards unlocking some cool cosmetic upgrades without having to deal with the randomness of loot crates.

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