Google X chief says they may have let Google Glass hype get out of hand

From Reuters

The Internet company did not do enough to make clear that the $1,500 computer that mounts to a pair of eyeglasses was merely a prototype and not a finished product, Google's Astro Teller said during a talk at the South by Southwest Interactive conference in Austin."We allowed and sometimes even encouraged too much attention for the program," said Teller.

The talk at SXSW comes after Google opted to end sales of Google Glass in January and pursue a different strategy for the device going forward. With the strategy shift, Google moved Google Glass out from under the domain of Google X and placed Nest CEO and founder Tony Fadell in charge of the project. Later, it was reported that a new version of Google Glass may sport a new design and will not see any sort of public-facing release until it is ready.

Source: Reuters

Dan Thorp-Lancaster