Google Voice quietly adds emoji support

With no official confirmation or announcement from Google, we are noticing that emoji support has been quietly added to Google Voice. The lack of emoji support was noticed even as recently as a few days ago with several of our editors noticing white square boxes in lieu of emoji when messages containing these whimsical characters would have appeared. With the addition of emoji, at least test messages sent using Google Voice will appear on par with carrier SMS options.

We've been testing out emoji support between the team here at Android Central and notice that the emoji characters are appearing between Google Voice-to-Google Voice messages as well as messages sent through a traditional carrier SMS plan to a Google Voice user. Emoji support is found both in Google's official app for iOS and Android in both cases and both sender and recipient can see and send emoji regardless if they originated from a Google Voice or regular number.

Additionally, if you have your Google Voice messages forwarded to show up on your default messaging app on your phone, emoji support is also transferred over. This feature allows Google Voice user to see messages in their Message app on their phone rather than having to check the Google Voice app.

Are you a Google Voice user? Have you noticed that emoji are showing up using Google Voice? Is this a welcomed change?

Thanks, Justin V., for the tip!

Chuong H Nguyen