Google takes plenty of shots at Apple at Google IO

We are liveblogging Google's announcement of Froyo right and and while the new features have us very excited, what has us most intrigued is the rate of potshots taken at the iPhone: it's nearly one every three minutes so far. From...

  • pointing out that they have more web usage
  • to tweaking the fact that Apple's App Store is limited
  • to showing their new mobile browser literally lapping the iPad for speed
  • to pointing out that people actually want to use Flash on the web
  • to mocking the iTunes app and music desktop experience that requires you to tether over USB to transfer your new purchases
  • to talking about a "draconian" future where "one company" and "one man" controlled the mobile space...

...Google is clearly not afraid to thumb their nose at Steve Jobs & Co.

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Cory Streater