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If you visit that part of the internet where people talk about games, you might have seen this guy.

Playing games at 100+ FPS in 4K on my water-cooled gaming PC reminds me how trash anything played on an Xbox One X or PlayStation Pro 4 looks. Those textures are such hot garbage that take forever to render and don't even get me started on load times or transitions. My i7 9700KF and MVNE SSD mean I can fast travel without any load times and you can go to the kitchen and cook some pizza rolls in the microwave in the time it takes an Xbox to go through a load screen. Consoles are just trash and people shouldn't waste their money on them.

Those aren't my thoughts on anything. They are my words because I wrote them, but they are simply paraphrasing the comments you can find on any gaming discussion on the internet and come from folks who collectively identify as the "PC Master Race" because when you're this far out of touch, using the term master race means nothing.

Technical issues will be addressed because that's what Google is good at. Content is another issue, though.

Oddly enough, things on the internet are destined to go full circle and there is a new breed of "Console Master Race" idiot who finally found a new medium for playing games to trash — streaming. Streaming gameplay — the kind where you play the game, not the kind where you watch someone else play — isn't really new. But now that Google Stadia has entered the arena, the race to say the dumbest thing seems to have begun.

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I don't mean legitimate issues like Chromecasts overheating, either. I mean things like pondering why a $79 controller and Chromecast can't display a digitally streamed image that's as clear as it is on a $400 box that is connected via an HDMI cable. This is a fine question if you truly are looking for the answer, but like the PC Master Race trolls, the new Console Master Race just wants to make the comment and move on. It seems like some people just don't want anyone to enjoy something different.

In case you were wondering, it's largely because the games need to be optimized to work with a Linux host and Vulkan. That's something Google needs to address.

Here's a newsflash — a game streamed from another computer is always going to look a bit off, especially when it's Google doing the streaming. Look at a YouTube video versus a Blu-Ray or a Duo call versus Facetime. Google has some sort of crazy algorithms or magic it uses when it streams video and you can see it if you look for it. This and other technical issues are going to be fixed. This is Google, after all. The thing it does best is fixing technical issues. I'd be more concerned about how well (or poorly) licensing content is going to go.

I prefer to keep a copy of my games forever, but that's just me. I'm going to go play Arcanum now.

Before you jump into the comments to tell me I'm a huge Stadia Fanboy or just hate whatever company you don't, know that I have zero plans to buy anything Stadia-related. Not because I only want the best quality gaming experience or think you should agree with me on anything, but because I think turning gaming into a service is a really bad thing. Giving Google or Sony or Microsoft rent money every month instead of buying the games you like and playing them whenever you want is a dumb idea.

That's just my opinion though. If you want to use a service that lets you purchase or try or rent games or whatever instead of getting an actual copy to store on your own media, that's fine. If you choose to buy a gaming console that locks you to a particular company that offers just what you are looking for, awesome. And if you're a casual gamer that only wants to buy a controller and stream games from Google, that's fine too.

I just hope you can find something you enjoy doing and spend some time doing it and won't poke at you about your choices.

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