Google Stadia app has been downloaded over 175,000 times already

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Stadia logo (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google Stadia is a cloud game streaming service that launched a few days ago.
  • According to the tracking website Sensor Tower, the Stadia app has been downloaded over 175,000 on mobile platforms.
  • You currently need the Stadia app to set up the service.
  • You can purchase the Stadia Premiere Edition for $129 on the Google Store.

Google Stadia launched a few days ago and whenever a new gaming platform releases, everyone wants to know how much it's sold. While the company hasn't provided any sales figures as of yet, Sensor Tower said that the Stadia app for Android and iOS has been downloaded over 175,000 times. NeoGAF managed to find an article by GamesIndustry which quoted the findings.

You can take a look at an excerpt from the article below. It's unclear how many of the 175,000 downloads were able to enter their access codes to start using Stadia. This figure also includes those who downloaded the Stadia app out of curiosity and didn't purchase the hardware. Keep in mind that the 175,000 is just a rough estimate of how many units are in players' hands. We expect this number of rise dramatically as Google delivers more kits in the coming days.

Though we don't have sales numbers on... Stadia's launch, an extremely rough approximation can be gleaned from the number of downloads of the mobile app, which stand at over 175,000 according to Sensor Tower... The app appears to be effectively necessary to use... Stadia, as it is the only way to purchase games and allows users to cast games to their browsers or TVs via Chromecast... While those who have not purchased Google Stadia can still download the free app from the App Store or Google Play, without an access code received from purchasing Stadia, the app is useless... Sensor Tower has shared that 90.7 percent of all downloads of the Stadia app were on Android, while the rest were on iOS. Additionally, the US accounted for over 41 percent of all downloads of the Stadia app.

It's unclear what Google's expectations at launch are, but in comparison, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sold a million units individually in the first 24 hours. Cloud gaming is still a new technology, so it'll be a while before it's widely adopted. It'll be interesting to see how this 175,000 figure grows in the coming weeks to months because Stadia is by far the best cloud gaming service on the market at the moment compared to Project xCloud and PlayStation Now.

We've been playing on Stadia for a while now, and the image quality doesn't compare to what the Xbox One X offers. However, the minuscule loading times and better frame rates for games like Destiny 2 should entice many gamers. The input lag is also negligible and you easily get used to it. If Google managed to put many more games on the service, it has a winner on its hands.

Asher Madan