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Google Releasing a Super Bowl Commercial ?

Google CEO Eric Schmidt, or Schmitty around these parts, just tweeted that we should watch the ads during the 3rd Quarter of the Super Bowl. And to add even more intrigue, he says that someone said "hell has indeed frozen over". For those at home, that would be the same Super Bowl that airs the best, biggest, and most expensive commercials of the year (and typically a good football game). Is Google stepping into the world of traditional advertising? Are we on the verge of seeing a Google commercial? What would it be about? Android? Nexus One? ChromeOS?

We're pulling for a Nexus One advertisement but could totally imagine a 'feel good' Google commercial that spreads the joy of life without specifying a product (you could too, right?). Either way, we think if a Google Super Bowl commercial is real, there's a good chance it's going to be awesome. And don't forget, Motorola is also releasing their own Super Bowl commercial about their latest Android phone (likely the Backflip) in the 3rd Quarter of the game as well.

What do you guys think the ad will be about? Who do you think is going to win? Are you more excited for commercials or the actual game?

[twitter via techcrunch]

  • They don't call it the super bowl of commercials for nothing ;) I cat wait to see them! Hopefully some Good ol' Fashioned Nexus One TV spot.
  • I saw the ads, I think, this is the first time I saw G create a mushy-ad.. I thought the background was very sentimental and kind of sound like the ones made on that teary super mario ads: Je t'aime
  • I'm hoping for Nexus One! This could be very cool!
  • I'm thinking it's just the Moto commercial. Eric is just commenting about an Android commercial being on the Superbowl. John
  • Game, what game? I guess I'll have to turn on the 3Q now :-/ I'm hoping it's either : A) Googles announcement of a 10 point plan on world domination.
    B) NexusOne style phone for AT&T 3G We can all dream though right?
  • It should be for the nexus one
  • this might be kinda crazy but im hoping its the showing of the supersonic, that would be amazing if you ask me. but as the guy up over me said we can dream right.
  • Nexus One and or Nexus One Verizon date? I hope its the latter.
  • Everyone down here in NOLA is going crazy over this game, I guess I have a reason to watch now ;P
  • i really don’t think 51% of people watch the superbowl, maybe 51% of americans, but you’re not the whole “people” you ignorant douche
  • In retrospect, I bet this comment was in reference to the Jay Leno - Oprah - David Letterman commercial. Leno and Letterman haven't been exactly close for the past 20 years.