Google hires former Intel exec as VP of Diversity

Google HQ
Google HQ (Image credit: Android Central)

Danielle Mastrangel Brown, a former VP and Chief of Diversity & Inclusion at Intel, will begin at Google on July. Brown had been with Intel for 8 years, and leaves them with a workforce that is almost a quarter female. We can only hope she has the same luck with Google.

Google's pledged to improve its diversity time and time again over the last three years, but in their blog post this week they admit there's still plenty to be done. The hire of Brown is only a part of their renewed efforts. Google recently launched a engineering residency program for Howard University aimed at raising the number of technical African American Googlers from the 1% it is today.

The blog post is also littered with anecdotes about diversity and the strength it brigns the company, but the one that sticks out the most to this humble blogger is the statement that the Really Blue Pixel came from creative lead Alberto Villarreal's history with Mexico City.

Ara Wagoner

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