Google Fiber faces outages in Austin, Houston, and other Texan cities

Google Fiber Truck
Google Fiber Truck (Image credit: Google)

What you need to know

  • The Google-owned ISP is having major outages in several locations across Texas.
  • Users from Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin are all reporting technical issues.
  • The company has acknowledged the problems and says it's working to fix them.

Google Fiber customers in various cities across Texas are reporting issues with their internet access. DownDetector's map of Google Fiber complaints shows Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio as some of the areas most severely affected by the outages.

Google, for its part, has acknowledged the disruptions, and the Google Fiber Help account on Twitter reassured users that its technicians were working to fix the issues:

A previous tweet had an estimated ETA of one hour for the repairs — though that was about four hours ago, and reports of disruptions from Google Fiber users are seemingly continuing to come in.

Thankfully, Google does seem to be getting a handle on things, as shown by the downward trend for complaints on DownDetector's website in the past couple of hours.

If you live in one of the affected areas, you can see the repair status for your location here.

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