Google Allo now works seamlessly with Android Auto

Go ahead — keep chuckling. Google's Allo messaging service may not be the messaging savior we were all hoping to come to Android, but it's currently serving its purpose in my life. I'm happy to see that it's now compatible with Android Auto.

Previously, when you'd receive an Allo message while in the Android Auto app, the notification would disappear behind the main interface so as to remove any desire you might have to check it while driving. You couldn't bring it up with a voice command, either, nor could you reply or compose an Allo message if you needed to while on the freeway. A recent Allo (opens in new tab) update, as pointed out by Phandroid's Derek Ross, seemed to have finally added the hands-free functionality.

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The new Allo update also includes the ability to animate some emoji by sliding up on the send button, as well as various bug fixes.

Florence Ion

Florence Ion was formerly an editor and columnist at Android Central. She writes about Android-powered devices of all types and explores their usefulness in her everyday life. You can follow her on Twitter or watch her Tuesday nights on All About Android.

  • Oh great, this should help the 12 people who use both Android Auto and Allo.
  • There's dozens of us! Well... several. There's several of us. Probably.
  • Probably only a few..... Including the software engineer that made it work
  • Great so two things I don't use are now integrated. Nice. (Lost first post!)
  • This removes one of the obstacles I had with switching to Allo. It was annoying coming from Hangouts not being able to send and receive messages on my phone while I'm using Android Auto. All that's left for me is the one device limitation.
  • I agree. Once on desktop it will be perfect.
  • I wonder how many people fall under that technological perfect storm
  • "Go ahead — keep chuckling." And I did keep chuckling.
  • Came here to say this. haha
  • It's a great app but no one uses it.
  • No one uses it because it's not a great app.
  • See posts like this are just bullshit. You can't say an app isn't good because of lack of and or users. The quality and feature set of Allo as an app is outstanding. Sure you may know very few of any people that use it but that does not make it a bad app. I wouldn't be surprised if you don't even have it installed or have used it.
  • What features? Being able to send a message from only one cellular phone and nothing else?
    And yes, I tried really hard using it and then simply uninstalled it because it lacks basic features (not gonna list them again... Everyone knows what they are)
  • It's actually a great app. Some people are just ignorant.
  • Cool this great news, I mean there got to be someone that uses it. I know of no one that does. But I guess some one is happy out there.. I had it downloaded for a bit, and basically, it was me and my husband that used it then my husband said this is pointless app with no sms, and no one using it. So he dropped it like a bad habit. And then it was me, myself and I just using it So I uninstalled it. Google is about 3 years to late for this app.
  • this is exactly how we did it. we sent each other one or two messages, had pointless discussions with the assistant and nobody else used it. so we uninstalled it. and then every now and then you see an article how google has a new fantastic feature added to allo or duo or whatever that is totally useless
  • Love Allo but really have found no liking for Android Auto.
  • Still no sms.... So worthless
  • People would use it if it supported SMS
  • I know I would. No use for it otherwise.
  • I finally removed Allo and Duo from my Nexus and Pixel devices. Hangouts is still the champ.
  • Uh no, no it's not. Hangouts blows...
  • Thought it was going to say seamlessly with sms.. shame.
  • Considering the long-due overhaul that they finally gave Google Voice, I doubt they have any intentions of ever incorporating SMS into Allo.
  • I use Allo and drive a car with Android Auto. I was excited to see this functionality since I use Allo with my family. It works great to receive messages and respond. But you still can not initiate an Allo message. If you say "send a message to X" auto will say "Do you want to send with Messages, Touchdown, etc." But it will not list Allo as an option. So I tried send an instant luck. I do not believe you can initiate an Allo message yet from Android Auto.
  • Google can add all the features they want and no one is going to use it for their main messaging application until it supports SMS/MMS. Even then I'll be hard pressed to give up Google Voice once it can act as a default messaging client. Google just ought to settle on one messaging client that supports all protocols. Doesn't Google realize that's why iMessage is so popular?
  • Of course not. Google is so compartmentalized and without direction they'll never get their services in line.
  • Skype - they just ported code from desktop to mobile. Too slow and bulky. I run it to warm my hands in cold day.
    Hangouts - they killed it
    Messenger - apart from it's not so intuitive to use as Allo, it's 100 MB in size. To be exact it's unpacked 144MB or version 108.
    Allo unpacked size is just 44. Super fast and intuitive. They definitely made better job than competitors. If you are not bound to your friends using something else that's the best option.
  • Who cares unless its gets sms support
  • I think some people use it because they have to love everything Google makes. No questions asked.
  • When will Waze incorporate with Android Auto? A question I've been asking for almost a year since they announced it... Can someone at AC follow up on this?
  • This guys get it. Why not spend the resources to incorporate the functions of an app millions of people actually use into Android Auto?? Why Google?? Moreover, Waze is a GPS app for, you know, AUTOmobiles, like the ones you designed Android AUTO for. .....c'mon!
  • Let's not forget the other useless feature they added... Instead of adding sms integration, multiple devices or desktop client... We get animated emojis. Yay.