Outlook.comSource: Android Central

What you need to know

  • Microsoft plans to integrate Google Calendar, Gmail, and Google Drive into Outlook.com.
  • Microsoft is already testing this integration.
  • With this new feature, people can sign into Outlook and Google accounts side by side.

Microsoft plans to integrate several Google services into Outlook.com, including Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Gmail (via The Verge).Twitter user Florian B gained access to the new feature, showing the option to add a Google account directly into Outlook.com.

According to The Verge, there is a quick process to set up the new feature. After this process, you can link your Google account to your Outlook.com account. Following this, your Gmail emails, Google Drive contents, and your Google Calendar will automatically sync within Outlook.com.

This feature appears to be in early testing. The option did not show up in our testing, and according to Florian, you can only add one Google account right now.

Once you add your Google account to your Outlook.com account, you can easily add documents to emails, view your calendar, and stay up to date with your emails from your Gmail account.

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