Sony's trying to cash in on Pokémon Go's success with Ghostbusters World

If you've been itching to catch more virtual monsters and Pokémon Go is starting to get long in the tooth, you'll soon have a few new options to choose from. In addition to Niantic's own AR Harry Potter-themed game that's coming out this year, Sony Pictures Entertainment just announced it's taking its own stab at this game type with Ghostbusters World.

Ghostbusters World will be available for demo during Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona, Spain, and it'll feature ghosts from the Ghostbusters movies, TV shows, comics, video games, theme parks, and also introduce original ghosts that are brand-new to the franchise.

Sony Pictures Entertainment Consumer Products, Ghost Corp, FourThirtyThree, and NextAge are all working on the game, and commenting on it, Ivan Reitman (Director and Producer of the original Ghostbusters movie) said:

The Ghostbusters Universe is rich in characters and Ghostbusters World is the perfect medium to get to know these characters in a whole new dimension.

Ghostbusters World will be available on Android and iOS when it's released this year, and more information will be unveiled at the Game Developers Conference in March.

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Joe Maring

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  • Hey, that's long as this site doesn't post ten times a day, each one explaining some miniscule aspect of the game. We can all recall Russell's freak-out over Pokemon Go, right?
  • I remember the the great android central Pokemon go apocalypse of 2016! I hope that never happens again...
  • Fake news lol
  • Good lord that was horrible..
  • When Pokemon Go came out, a Ghostbusters AR game was the first thing I thought about. Who wouldn't want to try and catch ghost running around your house. I was completely surprised one wasn't released with the last movie. (Probably best it didn't). Just hope they have a much better catching system than Pokemon Go.
  • This could be very cool if it's done right... Which it likely won't be. The AR is finally getting to a place where it's worth interacting with, inline in pokémon go. Either way, I'll definitely bust out my copy of Tobin's spirit guide and my PKE metre for it... Might even finally watch the newest film!
  • So when Pokemon go first came out, I told my friends that a walk around ghost busters would make money, they told me I was wrong..........should of made it my self......sad day
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  • Nah, it was Nissans with Spoon Engines & a MOTEC Exhaust. Lol Their technical advisor shoulda been fired for that one. Fuzzy, it was a Fast & Furious reference....what it had to do with the article, I have no idea...
  • Makes more sense then Harry Potter
  • That trailer was better than the Ghostbusters reboot